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The unending silence is death to me,

I don’t wish to comment now,

Not to say anything is silence; and death too,

So when there is silence there is also death,

To communicate is life!

But I don’t want to talk,

I want to listen,

To hear lies from you is better than to deceive you,

I want to hear, and hear the truth,

That is free from deceit,

May it have the sweetness of truth or,

Melancholy or the sour reality,

A voice of you being human,

I want to hear,

Before all my insights, beliefs, and perceptions,

Smash against the silence,

Of falsehood,

I want to hear,

A harmony

Urdu composition by Saleem Aazar

Translated by Tanveer Rauf


What fun to die if no love!

What fun to live if no love!

Sweeter than jiggery,

Sour than tamarind;  

Assurance is Love,

Very fragile is Love;

Below is love, up above is God

The lot is in between;

Not one, but non-stop talk,

All means nothing but

God is love, love is God;

Not diamond or gem is vital,

Lone wish is, to die out in love;

No one knows, what love is,

Everyone knows, what love is;

The Loveland, the weird land,

Who knows where beloved’s home is?

Short life but lengthy journey,

What love is, who knows?

Is it agony or it’s heal?

Is it beloved or God Himself!

What fun to die if no love!

What fun to live if no love!

Thou have only heard its name,

I have been in love for myself!

Garden of flowers is love,

Bed of thorny spikes is love;

What fun to die if no love!

What fun to live if no love!

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