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Among jovial group of friends, I was alone

Amidst a crowd of thousands, I was alone

Blisters of feet were far from gentle morn

In blistering heat, sunlight, I stood all alone


It will take ages by the time you feel my love

I would perish by the time you value my love

The world is engulfed by trials and suffering

Who knows who would overcome bravely?

 Love is enduring but the desire is impatient,

What to do? Hard to control my loving heart

Am sure you won’t ignore and overlook me

I may turn to dust when you take note of it

My life is similar to the delicate dew drops

Your glance blaze me as dew dies by sunlight

Rays of the sun falling on dew is its death

So I exist only for your fleeting look at me

The life is not more than an instance; it’s

Like a flame that flickers for an instance

Glamorous festivity may be at its climax

The candle must burn till sunrise




Mother is the one, who’s variant
Affectation have I sighted,
For a while she’s cool shade,
At times she’s akin to sunlight;
From her, learnt the art of living
Her modesty unfurled the ways;
Her honest pearls like words
Enthralled one and all;
Her heart in bosom pure as oyster
Gives pearls, when its blight;
I witness deep wounds she has
Yet she rows life’s boat serenely;
Though after her, life’s desolate
I’ll lighten my heart of her memories;
Time we spent in harmony, with you
O’ mother! Enlighten my liveliness
May Allah be pleased with you—

Urdu composition by Razia Subhan


On a bright and sunny winter morning, a small fly was buzzing around here and there in a meaningless way.  It saw a bull grazing and enjoying warm sunlight in the pasture with other cows and bulls.  When the fly got bored of flying, it sat on one of the horns of a bull.

The fly just to get attention said to the bull fluttering her wings: “Mr. Bull, for give me please, if you feel my weight! I will fly away at once.”

The bull very proud of it self, replied calmly, “Oh, you tiny feeble thing! I didn’t even feel your being there.  It doesn’t matter  at all, if you stay or go.”

Moral of the story: The smaller the mind the greater is its pride.

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