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When I was flooded with your memory

I adorned my lashes with stars of tears

Layer 1Chanel-2012-hair-net

Adorn your hair with stars and smile forever

Forget your long-gone past, and chant now

All those tears you endured for so long

Now rest thy head on my chest to weep

Come and knock at the door of my heart

Come in with dignity to reside forevermore

Load my arms with your warm touch

Then hold back the warmth of the sun

Give me all thy pains, and take my joys

Then keep smiling the rest of thy life

From many gloomy nights and setbacks

I am tired and have collapsed, come lift me up

Bearing agony and trying to be composed

I’m worn out now; take me in your arms

Gather some seashells and sweet dreams

My love is an ocean, come and dive in there

Those who think love is not strong, Ahmar

Come with me to make them jealous

To be in love again———–
Suddenly it seems good, to be drawn in,
to go on, and be in love again
but when I look at the other side
a long time has past
How the dust of the long journey
has laden on our feet and heads.
You and me;
engulfed in our own spheres of life,
entangled in our own circles
Like the two stars that seem
Closed to each other in the wilderness
but are millions of miles apart in
rivers of loneliness
How to cross this river!
Neither you are on the shoreline nor I,
so, it’s better to be gripped in
our spheres
gleam and shine together
like stars
Own up the truth of distance and bygone time
neither you nor I,
can cross the river of solitude
though it seems charming to be
drawn in, to be in love again!
to be in love again!


Make thou illustrious in love’s world?

My innocent heart, make thou proud;

Thou heart itself insist on, to meet me,

Make thy heart so alluring to meet me;

Life keeps me away from you, otherwise

I’ll get rid of it, if thou are nearby   me;

Why feel shy to confess, you love me?

If ever meet me, compel you to confess;

Why live a dull life? O’ you! The beauty!

Come hither! Let me douse you in love;

If thou are here, I, being lost in love will,

Compel the stars to supplicate you;

 World is akin to a black hole, beloved,

Just a peg more, I’ll light up the world

Life is dubious otherwise, I promise,

Will light up with love, the world!


The Very Small Candle

    In ancient times people lighted their homes with lamps.  The trunks of plants were used as candles. There was one particular candle which had taken up large quantity of thick oil and was feeling proud.

One day it declared before a large gathering that it is better than the sun, the moon, and the stars. All of a sudden, a gust of wind blew off the candle. The servant who lighted it said: “Shine now, friend candle! Better think before you speak.  There is no wind strong enough to blow out the lights of heaven.”


Remember, I miss you when———

The Poplar blooms

The Pine blubbers

The Cyprus whimper

Remember, I miss you

The Moon shines

The spring trickles

The Jasmine emits fragrance

 Remember, I miss you!

The Partridge whines

 The Cherries ripened

The sparrows tweet

Remember, I miss you!

 The Ravi wobbles

The Chenab grouches

The Sutlej is jittery

Remember, I miss you!

The Shoots sprout

The Cuckoo coos

The Lightening cracks

Remember, I miss you!

 The Sun sets,

The Star dies

The Traveler is misled

Remember, I miss you!

 The Clouds holler

The Rains slobber

The Hearts clobber

Remember, I miss you!

 rains slobber


In this city of murk, gloomy beings are 
Alive; is immense achievement dear ones;

This luminous moon and celestial stars,
 Burning bright eternally owing to spots;

Wish any flower glance fondly is my urge, 
 Its yearning any flower to call me fondly;

Each morning shed dewdrops on my morning
 Each night the stars giggled at my night;

I have some more errands to do my dear
How long can one please and pamper----!

 Tanveer Rauf

is shahar-e-Kharaabii me.n Gam-e-ishq ke marare

is shahar-e-Kharaabii me.n Gam-e-ishq ke maare
zindaa hai.n yahii baat ba.Dii baat hai pyaare
ye ha.Nsataa huaa chaa.Nd ye pur_nuur sitaare
taabindaa-o-paa_indaa hai.n zarro.n ke sahaare 
[taabindaa-o-paa_indaa = burning bright and eternally]
hasarat hai ko_ii Gunchaa hame.n pyaar se dekhe
aramaa.N hai ko_ii phuul hame.n dil se pukaare
har subah merii subah pe rotii rahii shabanam
har raat merii raat pe ha.Nsate rahe taare
kuchh aur bhii hai.n kaam hame.n ai Gam-e-jaanaa.N
kab tak ko_ii ulajhii hu_ii zulfo.n ko sa.Nvaare
 Habib Jalib

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