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Seeing books and copies drenched in blood

Seeing how our future is going to waste

Nobody to play games in school now

Saddened eyes see blood-spattered sight

No words to describe the horrible incident,

Mothers are symbol of shelter; saw them scared

Insomniac fathers and disturbed mothers

They remember their lost child’s mischief

Brave are the ones, who silently endured,

Sighs and sorrows of bereaved mothers;

Even today we’re engaged in our thoughts

Consider one so desolate and broken down

If mind and rapport is broken into pieces

We’ll only be saddened and feel sorrow;

The incident is agonizing and vulnerable

What a pity, no words to bear or comfort

Speechless, with heads down with shame,

Look up to see the sky in belief and hope

What more to write, pen doesn’t support

The sky shedding bloody tears as well


Love is again rebellious what to say,

The heart is at her target, what to say?

The pathway is the same, what to say,

The life is the marshal, what to say;

Love itself covered in veil, what to say,

I’ve my own cupid’s look, what to say;

Melancholy thou were fruitless for long,

Melody thou art futile too, what to say;

Love exists no longer, nor does, loveliness,

Daze and gaze is there only, what to say;

Majaz is still down to earth even today

Gaze’s high up at the sky, what to say

Urdu composition by Majaz Lukhnavi

husn phir fitnaagaar hai kyaa kahiye

husn phir fitnaagaar hai kyaa kahiye 
dil kii jaanib nazar hai kyaa kahiye 

phir vahii rahaguzar hai kyaa kahiye 
zindagii raahabar hai kyaa kahiye 

husn Khud pardaadaar hai kyaa kahiye 
ye hamaarii nazar hai kyaa kahiye 

aah to be-asar thii baraso.n se 
naGmaa bhii be-asar hai kyaa kahiye 

husn hai ab na husn ke jalve 
ab nazar hii nazar hai kyaa kahiye 

aaj bhii hai 'Majaz' Khaak_nashii.n 
aur nazar arsh par hai kyaa kahiye


There was a beautiful orange and golden butterfly.  Beautiful black dots added more charm to it. Its beauty was gripping

The Butterfly was very selfish, cruel and stone hear-ted. It used to gasp the fragrance and sweetness of beautiful flowers.

One fine day on a peaceful morning, the butterfly flew as its daily routine in search of flowers.

It saw a garden which was full of flowers .The selfish Butterfly felt very happy. It started flying from one flower to the other. The butterfly saw a beautiful pink rose with diamond dew drops on its soft velvety petals. The butterfly had never seen such a lovely flower before.  It said to itself “Oh! What a divine flower it is!”  It didn’t sit on it.  The butterfly postponed it till next morning.

Next morning it went again. It hovered around the flower all day.

The flower observing its madness asked,

Flower said: “Oh! Cruel Butterfly, why don’t you gasp my sweet scent?”

Butterfly: “Oh! Beautiful divine rose! I want to become pure like you.” It was in love with that beautiful rose. It decided to propose the rose the next morning.

Next morning, very happily flew to meet its love.

But someone had plucked crushed and thrown it on the ground.

The Butterfly sat near the dead body of its lovely rose

the broken heart Butterfly cried utterly and said …………!

“Oh! Beautiful Rose …. I truly loved you. Beautiful Rose you will be in my heart till my heart stops! Oh! Beautiful Rose I love you forever!

The Butterfly was in deep grief.  It couldn’t bear the woe. It died. The sky also shed tears. It rained heavily on lovers’ dead bodies.

Butterfly and Rose met in the Heaven.



Descended from sky

Granted life to die;

Whoever loved must know

He’s dead, without to know;

Going away from my party

Carried away my empathy;

Fascinating me of seashore

Put an end to my existence; 

Who fail to die of death?

Was killed by quarry looks;




With his loving looks he takes me as moon

Keeps me always with him like a love-tome;

I’ll break up into fragments in life’s patio,

Cuddle me; then only, he let me bloom

What to say of his stylish innocence,

Any ordeal he does; is akin to reward;

I may well stay like words, in life’s tome;

Reading me lifetime, frame me to tome;

Without me, life is unbefitting for him

Ignores me, or pretend unconcerned;

Forgetting me is infrequently however,

He misses me and misses me infinitely;

Holding reins I fly in immensity of sky,

Whenever   he adhere his love with me









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O’ winds listen!

O’ milieu listen!

My little, innocent, dear

Son is lost somewhere;

Trust me! Trust me!

On the land, in the sky

Where on earth he isL

He stepped out of home, for

School, with a small satchel

And, lots of childish wishes;

Hugging him, I used to tell him

My love, you’re, hope of the land

Fostering I nourished him myself;

Sang lullabies to make him sleep

That beloved, is lost somewhere

Trust me! Trust me!

 Search for him please!

Tell him, his mother’s waiting

 For him on doorstep, since long

 She’s desperate to see him;

Ask him if, he’s angry with me,

Tell him, I’ll hum him lullaby

Search for him please!

 Hearing mother’s plea, the sky

Shed tears, the earth sobbed;

Silently they whispered,

Forget him, forget him, as thy

Little darling son, is no more;

He is dead

He’s been shot dead!

Dedicated to all innocent children who were brutally shot dead recently in a school in USA, and many others who were killed by drone attacks or by street killers around the world

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