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Descended from sky

Granted life to die;

Whoever loved must know

He’s dead, without to know;

Going away from my party

Carried away my empathy;

Fascinating me of seashore

Put an end to my existence; 

Who fail to die of death?

Was killed by quarry looks;




With his loving looks he takes me as moon

Keeps me always with him like a love-tome;

I’ll break up into fragments in life’s patio,

Cuddle me; then only, he let me bloom

What to say of his stylish innocence,

Any ordeal he does; is akin to reward;

I may well stay like words, in life’s tome;

Reading me lifetime, frame me to tome;

Without me, life is unbefitting for him

Ignores me, or pretend unconcerned;

Forgetting me is infrequently however,

He misses me and misses me infinitely;

Holding reins I fly in immensity of sky,

Whenever   he adhere his love with me









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O’ winds listen!

O’ milieu listen!

My little, innocent, dear

Son is lost somewhere;

Trust me! Trust me!

On the land, in the sky

Where on earth he isL

He stepped out of home, for

School, with a small satchel

And, lots of childish wishes;

Hugging him, I used to tell him

My love, you’re, hope of the land

Fostering I nourished him myself;

Sang lullabies to make him sleep

That beloved, is lost somewhere

Trust me! Trust me!

 Search for him please!

Tell him, his mother’s waiting

 For him on doorstep, since long

 She’s desperate to see him;

Ask him if, he’s angry with me,

Tell him, I’ll hum him lullaby

Search for him please!

 Hearing mother’s plea, the sky

Shed tears, the earth sobbed;

Silently they whispered,

Forget him, forget him, as thy

Little darling son, is no more;

He is dead

He’s been shot dead!

Dedicated to all innocent children who were brutally shot dead recently in a school in USA, and many others who were killed by drone attacks or by street killers around the world

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