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Being spellbound by desires and wishes

Fiddled with toys to achieve my wishes

I’m known to every niche of this place

Came countless of times to this place

Why am not inspired to go to any temple

Been misled by any one or a temple?

Ask my restive heart, O jubilant festivity!

Am not here of my will; brought to festivity

It’s still long time for Dooms Day to ensue

It’s vain waking me now for result to ensue?

Wishes worried me in countless of ways

If I’ve secluded in my own relaxing ways

Never was I gripped ever by alcohol

Efforts tried to make me kindle to alcohol

I’ve no taste in worldly leisure, Shad

 where I was!  But now been brought  here 


tamannāoñ meñ uljhāyā gayā huuñ

khilaune de ke bahlāyā gayā huuñ

huuñ is kūche ke har zarre se āgāh

idhar se muddatoñ aayā gayā huuñ

nahīñ uThte qadam kyuuñ jānib-e-dair

kisī masjid meñ bahkāyā gayā huuñ

dil-e-muztar se pūchh ai raunaq-e-bazm

maiñ ḳhud aayā nahīñ laayā gayā huuñ

saverā hai bahut ai shor-e-mahshar

abhī bekār uThvāyā gayā huuñ

satāyā aa ke pahroñ aarzū ne

jo dam bhar aap meñ paayā gayā huuñ

na thā maiñ mo’taqid e.ajāz-e-mai kā

baḌī mushkil se manvāyā gayā huuñ

kujā maiñ aur kujā ai ‘shād’ duniyā

kahāñ se kis jagah laayā gayā huun





As I belonged to death thus I became lifeless

Though awaken once; then again turned lifeless

It is amusing;  now I don’t have any possession

What I presented to you is now your possession

Loneliness and weird place is frightful as a grave

Who came to this bleak point to weep by the grave

How  to share my grief of this life’s deep ocean

As going deep found Shad lost in life’s deep ocean


 thā ajal kā maiñ ajal kā ho gayā

biich meñ chauñkā to thā phir so gayā

lutf to ye hai ki aap apnā nahīñ

jo huā terā vo terā ho gayā

kaaTe khātī hai mujhe vīrānagī

kaun is madfan pe aa kar ro gayā

bahr-e-hastī ke umuq ko kyā batā.ūñ

Duub kar maiñ ‘shād’ is meñ kho gayā

Shad azeemabadi




Unique we are; not easily to be found

We’re like the pitiful dreams abound

O! My grief how am to solve vagueness

Is my heart impatient or am I so restless

Gloomy and silent I’m by the seas shore

Ocean’s love enlighten; it’s my resilience

Many people travel, only few get success

Treasure our verve before we’re no more

 Flowers have asked the caged birds; Shad

Come to spell, we’re fresh with loveliness

Shad Azeemabadi


Dhoondo Ge Agar Mulkon Mulkon
Milne Ke Nahin Nayaab Hain Hum
Tabeer Hai Jiski Hasrat-0-Gham
Aye Humnafaso Woh Khwaab Hain Hum

Aye Dard Bata Kuch Tu Hi Pata
Ab Tak Yeh Mu’ammya Hal Na Hua
Hum Mein Hain Dil-E-Betaab Nihan
Yah Aap Dil-E-Betaab Hain Hum

Main Hairat-O-Hasrat Ka Maara
Khamosh Khada Hoon Sahil Par
Dariya-E-Mohabbat Kehta Hai
“Aa Kuch Bhi Nahin Payaab Hain Hum”

Lakhon Hi Musafir Chalte Hain
Manzil pohunchte Hain Do Ik
Aye Ahl-E-Zamana Qadr Karo
Nayaab Na Hon Kamyaab Hain Hum

Murghan-E-Qafas Ko Phoolon Ne
Aye Shaad Ye Kahla Bheja Hai
Aa Jao Jo Tum Ko Aana Ho
Aise Mein Abhi Shadaab Hain Hum
















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