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I have strange kind of personality traits.

I’ve been considered very dynamic and responsible from childhood by my teachers, parents of my friends and even servants. They had blind trust on me. I also never broke their trust or let them down.

I did the best I could to accomplish the assigned task.

But—– I know that I’m damn careless when my own self is to consider. I wouldn’t get up to drink water, even, if dying of thirstJ or do anything for myself. My mother getting annoyed on this, used to say, “Though you are just an ordinary girl but your behavior is of princess.”

I’m thought to be very organized. I have proved it ( for others)——-but ——let me share with you on the sly! I’m too unmethodical and slapdashJ I hate to iron my clothes, comb my hair or wear matching clothes or wear two slippers of the same make when I’m home. My friends know that I feel relaxed and happy when I wear anything I get—it may be faded, torn or outdated but———-what pleases me is that it’s soft and comfy J

I am known to be very refined and well mannered officially J but — believe you me, I can’t resist to eat whatever is served in friends’ partyJ I just can’t wait for anyone, young or senior. I told my Chinese boss too, when I stayed with them on a training session, that he may get angry with me for anything I do wrong I won’t mind, but I can’t wait for him to start eating first. When I’m hungry I just don’t follow any rulesJ and he always was very kind and caring.

I ate my dinner twice when my husband’s dead body was brought home. When I’m upset I eat lot more.

I rise early and sleep early.  I never studied late in exams from preschool to University level.  Ate more slept more, watched movies, painted, sang and played my guitar when depressed.

I was very composed and serene at home, but, as a student, I was very naughty and playful. It was when I was in grade 8th in Presentation Convent. Mother Regis was our class teacher. Being short in height I sat in front seat.  When I cracked jokes the whole class roared of laughter.

I could see Mother Regis coming in door’s glass panes. So at once opened my book and pretended to be reading. None of my class mates knew this. Mother used to punish the class for being so nasty, while called me “my angel.” and was glad about for being such a good girl. My class mates only abused me in their hearts J

When I won trophies and prizes in debates or literary contests, earning,   laurels from my teachers and friends my father used to say, “You know nothing but have created an impression of yourself on others.” J Parents know their children inside out. I never harmed anyone!

So friends I am like this even today when I am 64 years old now and a grandmother of 6 adorable childrenJ


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