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Neighbor’s rights are many and are ordained by Allah. The holy Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h)said; “Gabriel advised me  so much regarding neighbor’s rights that I began to suspect that he would be included among the heirs”

The first and foremost and the principal right the neighbor is not to cause him pain, trouble or sorrow; moreover, helping him in his need, sending him occasional gifts, sharing his joys and sorrows are all meritorious and rewarding acts. If a neighbor is hungry, regardless of color cast or religion, rich or poor, it is not meritorious to feed him but also a bounden duty.

Cordial and courteous behavior is very pleasing to Allah and is also rewarding.

Translated a Na’at this time in praise of Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).  Urdu iby AHMED SHAMIM

We drift away in space like sound
Who listen to us like pray of words?

No dream, no wish, no desire whatsoever
Heart too is like beggar’s yearning forever

Sand but sand is fate of town perhaps
Not a soul or a sound in any place

No reflection of sound on life’s desert
Heart looted like that of the loyal souls

Hearts fill with poison as lips chuckle
Blazing wind blows like gentle breeze

Who will see his face in a stone?
Who cares now see his ideal’s face

Futile word, fake written script
Like footmarks in barren desert

Heart was never unfair or tyrant
Why then people meet like torment

What do eyes see, but pitiable sight?
Rhythm of song is like flowing plight

What has Farat for the eyes except sand?
The thirsting perished like words of pray

May that truth descend again as infinity?
May cave Hira’s fragrance hover eternity

Heart’s desert echo for Zamzam again
O, Prophet (p.b.u.h) shower your blessings again

Thy radiant persona has the piety of world
Thy face is evident reflection of almighty Allah

Thy love made flowers blossom in sand
Sunshine as clouds covered deserted land

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