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Hazrat David (peace is upon him) the Messenger of Allah was the King of Israel. His son Hazrat Solomon (peace is upon him) inherited his father’s kingdom and prophet hood as well.

Al mighty Allah gave Hazrat Solomon a very vast kingdom, giving the power to rule upon humans, animals, birds, pests, and also the Jinn. He could understand the languages of them all. He had control over wind as well.

Whenever he wanted to go to some place he just ordered the wind.

The wind carried him to the distant place on his throne within few hours.

On the other hand a horse would cover the same distance in one month’s time.

One day Hazrat Solomon (peace is upon him) was having a meeting with his huge courtiers. All the humans, animals, Jinns were there according to their status. But the woodpecker was not seen anywhere.

Solomon got unhappy on its absence from the court.

Hazrat Solomon: “I can’t see the woodpecker. It never happened before. I can’t tolerate this careless attitude. Does anybody know where it is?”

There was complete silence in the court.

Solomon angrily: “You all know that I dislike non serious attitude. Why is woodpecker missing? He will be punished if he doesn’t have a solid reason.”

When Hazrat Solomon saw the woodpecker entering the court he asked.

Hazrat Solomon angrily: “Where have you been? I just do not like this irresponsible attitude.”

The woodpecker got scared of the King.

The woodpecker fearfully: “I am sorry for being late; I beg your pardon my Lord!

But I have very surprising news for you. I got late for that reason.”

Hazrat Solomon “Well, tell me the news first then I will decide to punish you or not.”

(The woodpecker was in charge of searching water when they traveled to faraway places. It used to inform the location of water. It also informed them the deepness of earth where water could be found.

Hazrat Solomon then only used to order the Jinns to dig the ground. Woodpecker’s information was always right.

Thus the water used to be plenty enough to satisfy Hazrat Solomon’s traveling group.)

The woodpecker: “I was flying in search of water in advance so that whenever we go; there would be no problem of water.

While flying over Yemen I saw a Queen Bilquis of Saba in Yemen. Allah has given her all the rewards and benefits of this world. There’s no missing of anything what so ever. Her palace is magnificent and enormous. Her throne is excellent. But she and her countrymen are misguided by Satan.  Instead of believing in oneness of Allah they worship the Sun.”

Hazrat Solomon heard very carefully to the woodpecker’s story.

Hazrat Solomon: “I am giving you a letter for the Queen. Go and give it to her. And let me know the result. This is your test.”

The woodpecker flew to Yemen with the letter in its beak.  Dropping the letter in the Queen’s lap the woodpecker returned.

Queen Bilquis read the letter that said: “You should not be bigheaded of your wealth and status. Come to me with the faith in one Allah only.”

The Queen read the letter and asked for advice from her wise counselors.

The Queen and her counselors decided to please the king Solomon with valuable gifts. So she sent a convoy with valuable gifts to Solomon.

Hazrat Solomon returned the convoy with the gifts and message for the Queen.

Hazrat Solomon wrote; “I do not need any gift. I offered you to believe in oneness of Allah and to worship Almighty Allah only.”

If you accept this invitation its fine otherwise I will invade your country with my tough and huge defense force. I will send you away from your country. There will be no one to save you then.”

When the Queen’s convoy came back from Hazrat Solomon’s court they described Solomon’s majestic court and powerful kingdom.

The Queen was impressed to know that he ruled not only the humans but animals and wind too. So she thought that it was foolish to fight such a powerful king.

She decided to visit Solomon herself. She found the same what she was told by her convoy.

Hazrat Solomon greeted her with respect and asked her again to trust and believe in oneness of Allah and worship Him only.

Queen Bilquis happily agreed and accepted his invitation.

Queen Bilquis: “O Allah! Until now I was worshiping the Sun.  It is the thing you created. I was mistaken. Now I accept Hazrat Solomon’s invitation. I confess that it is only Allah who is the Creator of this universe and He is to be praised and worshiped only.”

The woodpecker is mentioned in holy Quran in Surah Nimal.

Moral: to get the most rewards and blessings in this world n hereafter one must believe in almighty Allah n worship Him only. All praise is for Allah. He is the Creator of this universe.


The remaining others pretended to be in deep sorrow too. They banged their heads to show their unbearable grief.

Hazrat Yaqoob waited for the details with tears running down.

The men started again: “Since Yousaf was at a tender age so we made him sit under the tree with baggage. We then started to play away from that place.

When we came back after the game was over there was no Yousaf. Yousaf was missing. We looked around to find him but failed. One of us saw his blood stained and torn shirt at a distance. We suppose that a wolf might have eaten him.”

Hazrat Yaqoob knew very well that they were telling a fake story.

They all were very jealous of Yousaf.    Hazrat Yaqoob adored Yousaf because he was a very obedient and caring boy.  So the step brothers envied him. They always tried to harm Yousaf in one or the other way.

Hazrat Yaqoob spent time mostly in remembering and weeping for his lost son Yousaf.

A caravan was passing through that forest.  Searching for water they came near the well where Yousaf was. The travelers were thrilled to see the well.

They lowered the bucket in the well to get water. But when the bucket came up a beautiful scared boy clung to the bucket. Every body was amazed to see him. They took him along with them to Egypt. Buying and selling of poor people as slaves was common practice of that era.

Yousaf was sold to a rich noble man Fauti.

Fauti’s wife Zulekha was a very beautiful lady. She fell in love with handsome Yousaf. She tried all possible ways to attract him towards her. But Hazrat Yousaf (peace is upon him) was a very pious and honest man.

Hazrat Yousaf (peace is upon him) too was a prophet of Allah.

He did not give any attention to Zulekha’s tempting messages.

She felt insulted to find a slave disobeying her. She belittled Yousaf. She made false blames against him. She scared him of severe punishment if he didn’t agree to follow her advice.

Hazrat Yousaf was just a slave. He could not clarify his position against his mistress. So Hazrat Yousaf was put in jail.

O’ Allah the Creator,it’s our appeal

Endorse our every aspiration

Bless us, here and hereafter

Prevent us from the fire of hell

May imprisoned be released

May those in debt be relieved

Bless those who have no offspring

Give those healths that are ailing

Keep us away from evils of the world

Lead us to path of peace and accord

Nourish with foodstuff that makes us upright

Shower us with wealth of love for Prophet

Give us no grief except the grief of Hussain

May every heart adore family of Prophet

Day and night may every heart pray for

Knowledge, awareness and happiness

Composed by Hussain Sehar

Translated by, Tanveer Rauf

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