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Light wind adheres abound

Flowers blossom all around

Melodious chimes abound

Spring also thrives around

Where are you off to cup bearer?

Come back, and come hither

What do you see! What is it?

Hold the chalice, hold it up

Hold chalice, pour in the cup

Fill the cup and bring it hither

LO! The blossoming spring

Fragrant air is unaware of spring

Dark clouds hover in the sky

Beyond the horizon; sally in sky

The gathering crowd of drinkers

Haste to the tavern to join others,

Why doubt and derogate me

I’m weedy, don’t misjudge me

It’s yet time to be religious

I’m youthful and delightful
Talk of worship rings around

Be forgiven is feared about

Yearning is to get rewards

Sins feared of bring no reward,

What do you think holy preacher

Longing and love isn’t together?

When love awakens you

When their lure enliven you

And fragrance of passion stirs you

How can one defy? Can you?

Styles to kindle, is everywhere

Some at hand and some there

Lavishly breathe here and there

With so much appeal everywhere

How can one refuse to adhere?

You are right so is point of view

I do agree with your point of view

Yet! I’m youthful and gorgeous

Leisure walks in the mountains

Leisure walks about fountains

Melodious chant of nightingales

Lively chuckle of the damsels

If meets a being of same likes

So vanish all ails and dislikes

If destiny fails to favor anyone

Life’s pleasures leave that one

The life’s ecstatic tales of love

These bounties of lovely youth

Fantasy and allure from there

Tall tales and show from here

The mood and the ambiance

Appealing beautiful ambiance

How can I leave bubbly feel

Death is so close, yet I don’t feel

No! No, not at all, not so soon

I’m still young anddelighful

No concern of grief or relief

Not fear of position or belief

No concern of life or death

No uneasiness FOR after death

Optimism and pessimism lost

Senses lessen, thoughts lost

Everything around fades away

The lot runs out but the glass

Wine to rumble, so the glass

The party I must make livelier,

The setting be again lovelier

Hustle and bustle of life enliven

Sing a song of bloom and gloom

To make hearts cheer and doom

Everybody demands the cup bearer

To keep serving; O! Cup bearer,

I’m still young and delightful

havā bhī ḳhush-gavār hai
guloñ pe bhī nikhār hai
tarannum-e-hazār hai

bahār pur-bahār hai
kahāñ chalā hai sāqiyā
idhar to lauT idhar to aa
are ye dekhtā hai kyā
uThā subū subū uThā
subū uThā pyāla bhar
pyāla bhar ke de idhar
chaman kī samt kar nazar
samāñ to dekh be-ḳhabar
vo kaalī kaalī badliyāñ
ufuq pe ho ga.iiñ ayaañ
vo ik hujūm-e-mai-kashāñ
hai sū-e-mai-kada ravāñ
ye kyā gumāñ hai bad-gumāñ
samajh na mujh ko nā-tavāñ
ḳhayāl-e-zohd abhī kahāñ
abhī to maiñ javān huuñ
ibādatoñ kā zikr hai
najāt kī bhī fikr hai
junūn hai savāb kā
ḳhayāl hai azaab kā
magar suno to shaiḳh jī

ajiib shai haiñ aap bhī
bhalā shabāb o āshiqī
alag hue bhī haiñ kabhī
hasīn jalva-rez hoñ
adā.eñ fitna-ḳhez hoñ
havā.eñ itr-bez hoñ
to shauq kyuuñ na tez hoñ
koī idhar koī udhar
ubhārte hoñ aish par
to kyā kare koī bashar
chalo jī qissa-muḳhtasar
tumhārā nuqta-e-nazar
durust hai to ho magar
abhī to maiñ javān huuñ
ye gasht kohsār kī
ye sair jū-e-bār kī
ye bulbuloñ ke chahchahe
ye gul-ruḳhoñ ke qahqahe
kisī se mel ho gayā
to rañj o fikr kho gayā
kabhī jo baḳht so gayā
ye hañs gayā vo ro gayā
ye ishq kī kahāniyāñ
ye ras bharī javāniyāñ
udhar se mehrbāniyāñ
idhar se lan-tarāniyāñ
ye āsmān ye zamīñ
inheñ hayāt-āfrīñ
bhalā maiñ chhoḌ duuñ yahīñ
hai maut is qadar qarīñ
mujhe na aa.egā yaqīñ
nahīñ nahīñ abhī nahīñ
abhī to maiñ javān huuñ
na ġham kushūd o bast kā
buland kā na past kā
na buud kā na hast kā
na vāda-e-alast kā
ummīd aur yaas gum
havās gum qayās gum
nazar se aas paas gum
hama-bajuz gilās gum
na mai meñ kuchh kamī rahe
qadah se hamdamī rahe
nashist ye jamī rahe
yahī hamā-hamī rahe
vo raag chheḌ mutribā
tarab-fazā, alam-rubā
asar sadā-e-sāz kā
jigar meñ aag de lagā
har ek lab pe ho sadā
na haath rok sāqiyā
pilā.e jā pilā.e jā
abhī to maiñ javān huuñ

abu hanifah

Once few women came to Hazrat Abu Hanifa and asked him. “Why is it that a Muslim man is allowed to keep four wives at the same time but a woman can’t?”

Imam Abu Hanifa whose name is Nauman and his father’s name was Sabit. Abu Hanifa is known to be a very pious spiritual scholarly preacher. His teachings are followed by millions of Muslims around the world. He has the honor and privilege of seeing many sahabas (friends of Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) like, Hazrat Anus bin Malik, Hazrat Jabir bin Abdullah bin Abi Aufi , Hazrat Imam Jaffer Sadiq, Fazeel bin Ayaz.  May Allah be pleased with them, amen

His few and famous learned students are, Abraham bin Adham, Daud Tai Bashar Hani etc.

Abu Hanifa could not give the answer to the women right away so asked for some time to answer. He was disturbed and confused when he went home. His daughter Hanifa was a wise and learned lady. She seeing her father tense asked him the reason. Her father shared with her. Hanifa asked her father that, “If you assure me to add my name with yours I’ll answer this question.” Father agreed. Hanifa Bibi asked him to send those women to her.

Next day the women came to her. Hanifa Bibi asked each one of them to bring some milk.

When they all brought milk, each one was asked to put milk in an empty bowl. All four women put their milk in the empty bowl. Hanifa Bibi then asked each one of them to take out their own milk she put from the bowl. They women said. “Bibi how can I take out my milk when it’s all mixed?” Bibi Hanifa then replied. “That’s the reason a woman is not allowed to have more than one husband at the same time. Because how will you identify whose child you carry in your stomach” the women were satisfied with the answer

Nauman bin Sabit then added his daughter’s name with his own as Abu Hanifa (father of Hanifa) now very few people know his real name as he is known Abu Hanifa throughout the world.

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So Allah sent His messengers in every era to guide people of that particular time.

Allah sent almost one million twenty four thousand messengers.

A number of people demanded any messenger of Allah sent for them, to show them miracles. They thought that miracles will prove their identity of being the messenger. They thought that only messengers can show miracles. They said that only miracles could make them believe in oneness of Allah.

The people of Samood bin Aad bin Erum bin Saam bin Nuh (peace be upon him) belonged to north and western areas of Saudi Arab.

The people of Samood built separate palaces and huge houses for summer and winter in the mountains and the valley. They were a very rich nation. But they were very poor character wise. They were severely punished by Allah for their wrong doings. This is also mentioned in Quran.


Allah sent Hazrat Sualeh (peace be upon him) to show them the right way of living.   Hazrat Sualeh was son of Ubaid bin Hazur ibne Samood.

Hazrat Sualeh told people to speak the truth, believe in one Allah and He is the supreme power. But the devil had effected them so wrongly that they did not listen to Hazrat Sualeh’s (peace be upon him) advise.

They teased Hazrat Sualeh and misbehaved with him in return. The people thought that misbehaving will discourage Hazrat Sualeh and he will stop preaching.

One of the leaders of their tribe Junde bin Umro asked Hazrat Sualeh to create a she camel from the stone, who would give plenty of milk. If Hazrat Sualeh creates such a she camel then they would respect him and accept him as messenger of Allah.

Hazrat Sualeh: “Will you believe in what I ask you for if the camel is created?”

The people assured him that they would.

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