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Through his open eyes, a dream peeps

Is he awake? Or is he somewhat asleep

Though in wet forest of thy fondness

Like a peacock, my body heartily dances

Why won’t he know me in any condition?

Although he knows all of my situations

However, I’m in his reach now right away

Yet he wishes my will to be with anyway

He’s lost in someone’s remembrance

Makes excuses to dodge me thence

Have to walk leaving boulevard away

As my home is on the muddy pathway


khulī āñkhoñ meñ sapnā jhāñktā hai

vo soyā hai ki kuchh kuchh jāgtā hai

tirī chāhat ke bhīge jañgaloñ meñ

mirā tan mor ban kar nāchtā hai

mujhe har kaifiyat meñ kyuuñ na samjhe

vo mere sab havāle jāntā hai

maiñ us kī dastaras meñ huuñ magar vo

mujhe merī razā se māñgtā hai

kisī ke dhyān meñ Duubā huā dil

bahāne se mujhe bhī Tāltā hai

saḌak ko chhoḌ kar chalnā paḌegā

ki mere ghar kā kachchā rāsta hai


Perveen Shakir


Dreams peep through his open eyes

Is he awake? Or is he half asleep,

In wetly forest of thy fondness;

My body dances, just like a peacock!

Why won’t he recognize me in any state?

He’s aware of my stance right through;

Though I’m in his reach, however, he

Considers my desire to get together

 Perveen Shakir


The Peacock’s Complain


One summer night Grandpa was telling bed time story to his grandchildren. It was his most favorite daily routine. He always began his story by praising God.

Grandpa said; “All praise to almighty God who is supreme and perfect, otherwise all that exists has some beauty and some defect.

The moon is so beautiful but has dark patches on its surface. The donkey is very hard working but its voice is worst of all. Thus one should live cheerfully with what ever is bestowed upon him and never complain.”

Aliza interrupted and said; “Like my peacock who is always crying.” “Yes, said grandpa, like your peacock. Though it has most beautiful feathers and dances so gracefully. But having ugly feet and voice make him moans. Grandpa said that; “Each one has its special gift. You have such beauty, the nightingale has his song, the owl has his eyes the eagle his strength, the lion is so powerful

So if one is lacking something he should not complain.”

Mother called every one to be in their bed so with good night hugs they all went to their rooms.

Moral : Don’t complain, be contented with what you have !

A wise man is he who does not grieve for the thing which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has. blue peacock

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