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My heart broke like a dazzling mirror

 Breaks, as if fallen on a hard boulder

As tears falling from eyelashes away

As a piercing arrow breaks; in my heart

As an appealing delicate bough of desire

Breaks all of a sudden in full blossom

Like a sequence of a romantic dream

Tangles at the time of realizing the dream

Like the earth slither under feet away

As hazards befall from above the sky

The branch I had the reliance on its solidity

 Nests built on it were all collapsed away

As an insensible comes back to senses

As a lost utopian comes back to senses

 Now being shattered into pieces I think

Who sensed the suffering I went through?

My going through, of grief, is just worthless

 Hum jo toote to is tarah toote
jaise hathon se girr k pathar par
koi shafaaf aaiina toote
jaise palkon se toot tha aansoo
jaise seene main ik kamaan toote
jaise umeed ki nazuk daali
barg mosam main na gahaan toote
jaise aankhon main khwab ki doori
waqt e takmeel se ulajh jaye
jaise pairon tale zameen nikle
jaise sar par yeh asmaan toote
jaise ik shaakh pe bharosa kia
is pe jitne thay aashiyaan toote
jaise wehshat se hosh aa jaye
jaise ta dair main dheyaan toote
ab jo raiza howay to sochte hain
kis nay dekha tha tootna apna
hum jo toote to raayegaan toote


Mr. Ali ordered to cut down all  pine, birch, teak, walnut trees and creepers like bougainvillea, that not only adorned the whole scenario of his chalet,  but also provided, fruits, shade and shelter to the birds. The reason for this treachery was that a branch of eucalyptus fell on his grandson, Hassan. Hassan’s arm got fractured.

Nobody dared speak a word against this unkind act or say no, to execute his inflexible orders.

Axes, ropes and saws were all collected in the lawn. Everyone waited anxiously for the woodcutters.

Birds on the trees twitchily looked at their nests. They too sensed that something awful is to happen.

Suddenly little Hassan came running and dashed into his grandpa.  Mr. Ali forgot everything except to create panic. Doctors, nurses, attendants, servants were called to look after Hassan. He was the apple of his grandpa’s eyes.

The birds got one more night to rest in their nests. Birds were agitated too. They chirped, twittered, and squeaked noisily making Mr. Ali more irritated. He wanted his orders to put into practice at once.

At dinner table Hassan’s words silenced everyone. He said: “Grandpa, mommy and dad, will all of you break your arms because my arm is broken?”

Everyone was speechless.

The birds babbling for some time the slept peacefully————–


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