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Heart’s utmost desire is to visit Medina

 And never to come back from Medina

This earth’s paradise is wholly Medina

 Heart wishes to make home in Medina

My absence in his life time, is my loss,

 Wish to share my sores now, in Medina

 Poetry I composed with love in his honor

 I wish to recite those verses in Medina

The life’s pain I kept in my heart till now

 Want to shed tears freely now in Medina

Verses of divine love I have in my heart

 Wish to set free them on paper in Medina

 Where everyone’s destiny elevates, Rahi

Heart wishes to be blessed too in Medina



What’s worth now, is due to Muhammad,

It’s my mother’s plea, and Allah’s blessing,

How to praise and how to write in praise,

My reverend is far beyond praise in words,

Why must he fear hell or wish for heaven,

Whoever has moved toward His Doorstep?

I own zero, have no work of consideration,

Whatever I have is Muhammad’s blessing,

I beg Allah respectfully to fulfill my craving,

To let my eyes hug doorsill of Muhammad,

Wish I breathe my last at his door Shaukat,

It’s my heart’s desire and words on my lips!



Translated a Na’at this time in praise of Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).  Urdu iby AHMED SHAMIM

We drift away in space like sound
Who listen to us like pray of words?

No dream, no wish, no desire whatsoever
Heart too is like beggar’s yearning forever

Sand but sand is fate of town perhaps
Not a soul or a sound in any place

No reflection of sound on life’s desert
Heart looted like that of the loyal souls

Hearts fill with poison as lips chuckle
Blazing wind blows like gentle breeze

Who will see his face in a stone?
Who cares now see his ideal’s face

Futile word, fake written script
Like footmarks in barren desert

Heart was never unfair or tyrant
Why then people meet like torment

What do eyes see, but pitiable sight?
Rhythm of song is like flowing plight

What has Farat for the eyes except sand?
The thirsting perished like words of pray

May that truth descend again as infinity?
May cave Hira’s fragrance hover eternity

Heart’s desert echo for Zamzam again
O, Prophet (p.b.u.h) shower your blessings again

Thy radiant persona has the piety of world
Thy face is evident reflection of almighty Allah

Thy love made flowers blossom in sand
Sunshine as clouds covered deserted land

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