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Come back to me beloved, come back

My heartbeats are calling you

My music is mislaid and soundless

My lyrics and verses missing you

Come back to me beloved, come back

The sky sheds it tears so do my eyes

My heart’s longing for you, come back

This gale stirs up thy heat of love

Come back once beloved! Come back

You fairly sustained our love bond

Come back once beloved! Come back

 One moment sob next minute grin

What a life what a way to be alive

One instant to meet next minute to quit

This life is merely game of two days

Hence let not the time kick the bucket

My lyrics and verses missing you

Come back to me beloved, come back

My music is mislaid and silent

Come back once beloved! Come back

………………………Lyricists; Bharat Vyas…………….

Aa laut ke aaja mere meet
Tujhe mere geet bulaate hai
Mera soona padha re sangeet
Tujhe mere geet bulate hai
Aa laut ke aaja mere meet

Barse gagan mere barse nayan
Dekho tarse hai man ab to aaja
Sheetal pavan yeh lagaye agan
O sajan ab to mukhda dikha ja
Tune bhali re nibhai preet
Tujhe mere geet bulate hain
Aa laut ke aaja mere meet

Ek pal hai hasna ek pal hai rona
Kaise hai jeevan ka khela
Ek pal hai milna ek pal hai bichadna
Duniya hai do din ka mela
Yeh ghadi na jaaye beet
Tujhe mere geet bulate hain
Aa laut ke aaja mere meet
Mera soona padha re sangeet
Tujhe mere geet bulate hai
Aa laut ke aaja mere meet…!!!


Early life and background of Amir Khusro

Hazrat Amir Khusro was born in Patiyala in Uttar Pradesh. His father Syed Saif-uddinMahmud was a Turkish officer and a member of the Lachine tribe of Transoxania.

His mother was the daughter of Rawat Arz, the famous war minister of Balban, and belonged to Rajput tribes of Uttar Pradesh

Amir khusro had two brothers, Aizazuddin and Hussamuddin

He is regarded as the “Father of qawwali”

He enriched the Hindustani classical music by introducing Persian and Arabic elements in it.

He was the originator of KHAYAL and TARANA style of music

His contribution to the development of the Ghazal, hitherto little used in India, is particularly significant.

The invention of the Tabla and Sitar is also traditionally attributed to him

Selected verses of Hazrat Amir Khusro;

1-Pathway   to the well is very irregular

How do I make there and fill my pitcher

Though I went there to fill my decanter

Due to nervousness, I broke decanter

Khusrau’s in love with Nizaam all in all

My vanity and pride be taken all in all

2- Lively mustard blossoming in the field so

Mango buds spring up, other flowers too

The nightingale chants bough to bough

Maiden engaged to beautify self though

Gardener girls bring fragranced flowers

Everyone brings in hand lively flowers

At Nizamuddin’s door lay the flowers

He promised to come in love though

It has been years waiting for him

Maiden is busy to beautify self though

3- Khusrao! Love’s stream flows in a strange way

The one who dives into it finds the right way

3- Khusrau darya prem ka, ulti wa ki dhaar
Jo utra so doob gaya, jo dooba so paar

4- I am in you, and you echo me,
as I’m the body, you the soul;

I’m like you and you akin to me

Like one soul in two bodies

Hence in the life hereafter

We are one soul in two bodies

5- I am in you, and you echo me,
as I’m the body, you the soul;

Like two bodies in one soul

So in the life hereafter

I’m not somebody or you someone else

5- Mun tu shudam tu mun shudi,mun tun shudam tu jaan shudi
Taakas na guyad baad azeen, mun deegaram tu deegari




Your voice and your way of talking,

Are like music, the playing of a violin,

Solitude is serene, as if our spirits are united,

In a time of testing, and trials,

Your body is like a fun filled fairyland, untouched,

Similar to a child’s innocent dream,

Earlier it was a simple question unknown,

Now it is a complicated explanation.


“I am the seed of all existence. There is no being, moving or still, that exists without Me”

The world is like a beautiful painting or a musical symphony. We might know how the colors are mixed on the canvas or how the musical instruments are played in the orchestra, but that does not help us to appreciate the beauty of the picture or the music that is produced, or the inner meaning which the artist or composer has given it.  All of life, from the universe itself down to the individual trees and seeds and the very earth is full of the divine purpose of God, the artist and creator behind it.

The best teacher of teachers is but Allah.  He taught names of all that exists to Hazrat Adam. Then Adam passed his knowledge to others.

To spread knowledge and for character building, prophets were sent. Some Prophets were given some scriptures to educate people to believe in oneness of Allah to behave modestly and to create a peaceful environment.

Every prophet was associated with a tree. Trees are used for meditation and spiritual empowerment. The Prophets and saints under the trees and enlightened the folk. A sahabi tree is still there. A documentary was made on it too. It stand in the desert alone providing peace to the travelers. It was planted by the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (p.b.u.h).

  It is interesting to learn that tree is a symbol of a teacher. Like a tree provides shade, fruits, wood, in short every part of a tree is for the benefit. So is a teacher. Nothing can be learnt without a teacher. Books are tools not teacher. Trees not only cater human beings but animals and other plants too. They play a great role in spreading beauty harmony and peace in the world. They clean the air and the atmosphere. A banyan tree is the best example of spreading beauty, shade and shelter for existence.

There’s a Shanti Nagar university in Bangladesh. Students learn music and arts in the shades on the trees. As a tree gives soothing affect to eyes and serenity to heart, so does a teacher to human mind and soul.

Some of the humane teachers have taken the responsibility of promoting peace in their city and plan to expand and spread it worldwide. Teach for Peace is their motto.

Hence the conclusion is that teachers along with other like mind people can bring peace making the planet earth a beautiful place live and cherish


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