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If her kind attention’s blessed on my grave

How elevated and prominent be my grave

Terrifying wilderness and ardent patriotism

It hurts observing of a destitute homeless

The distressed sighs heave since evening

Heart’s burning of sorrow and suffering

Go to realize the frightful scene of dying

The lamp of life is trembling before dying

Reaction in lonely prisoners’ heart moving

Prisoners’ liberty appears to be bordering  

White hair, shaky hands holding wine cup

Indicating in anguish, of spring’s coming

To see sensual body movements of beloved

One might give away his life for his beloved

Cup bearer let not drop the last glass of wine

Someone will be hurt if drops glass of wine

The haunting souls of drunkards will hover

If drizzly springtime clouds remain to hover

What a sight to see the styles of her dresses

The alluring sight of thin subtle dresses

Pardon and don’t ask me of my past action

Failed to resist or control my heart’s passion

Don’t wish to part away ‘Yas’ from this world

It’s so inviting; the mortal garden of world

Yagana changezi

saaya agar nasīb ho dīvār-e-yār kā

kyā martaba buland ho apne mazār kā

vo dasht-e-haulnāk vo hubb-e-vatan kā josh

phir phir ke dekhnā vo kisī be-dayār kā

lau de rahī hai shaam se aaj āh-e-ātishīñ

shola bhaḌak rahā hai dil-e-dāġhdār kā

tasvīr-e-naza.a dekhnā chāho to dekh lo

rah rah ke jhilmilānā charāġh-e-mazār kā

par taulne lage phir asīrān-e-bad-nasīb

shāyad qarīb aa gayā mausam bahār kā

mū-e-safed kāñpte haath aur jām-e-mai

dikhlā rahe haiñ rañg ḳhizāñ meñ bahār kā

añgḌā.iyoñ ke saath kahīñ dam nikal na jaa.e

āsāñ nahīñ hai ranj uThānā ḳhumār kā

saaya agar nasīb ho dīvār-e-yār

kyā martaba buland ho apne mazār

vo dasht-e-haulnāk vo hubb-e-vatan josh

phir phir ke dekhnā vo kisī be-dayār

lau de rahī hai shaam se aaj āh-e-ātishīñ

shola bhaḌak rahā hai dil-e-dāġhdār

tasvīr-e-naza.a dekhnā chāho to dekh lo

rah rah ke jhilmilānā charāġh-e-mazār

par taulne lage phir asīrān-e-bad-nasīb

shāyad qarīb aa gayā mausam bahār

mū-e-safed kāñpte haath aur jām-e-mai

dikhlā rahe haiñ rañg ḳhizāñ meñ bahār

añgḌā.iyoñ ke saath kahīñ dam nikal na jaa.e

āsāñ nahīñ hai ranj uThānā ḳhumār

saaqī girā na dījiyo ye jām-e-āḳhirī

dil TuuT jā.egā kisī ummīd-vār

mastoñ rūheñ bhaTkeñgī achchhā nahīñ hai ab

ghir-ghir ke aanā qabroñ par abr-e-bahār

dekho to apne vahshiyoñ jāma-zebīyāñ

allāh re husn pairahan-e-tār-tār

jurm-e-guzishta afv kun o mājrā mapurs

maarā huā huuñ is dil-e-be-iḳhtiyār

duniyā se ‘yās’ jaane ko chāhtā nahīn

allāh re husn gulshan-e-nā-pā.edār

Yagana Changezi






principal M S Contractor alt

Miss Contractor served the school from 1969 as Vice-Principal and from 1974 as the Principal. She came to the school in 1936 after taking her B .A Examination, as a very young lady-teacher. She was a very proficient teacher and executed her duties regularly, loyally and conscientiously. She completed fifty glorious years of dedicated services to the school – an evidence to envy!

She embodied the spirit of The Mama School, a spirit which is alive and well acknowledged throughout the world.

After my husband’s sad demise I needed some job to earn my bread and butter.

Fortunately one of my friends asked me apply in Mama Parsi as there exists vacancy for teachers.  Hence I did. I was interviewed by Miss. Contractor. After exchange of formal questions she asked me; “Are you Zionist Mrs. Rauf?” I said, “I’m sorry I’m not.” What she said was a compliment or what I am still lost! She said smiling at me, “Come on Mrs. Rauf, you are so honest and straight forward, you can’t be a Muslim”

I was speechless.

Then for three days she observed my way of teaching. Her remarks about my teaching were very upbeat and encouraging. I still have the remarks written in my old diary. (I wrote her remarks about me, myself as every time I read it gives me pleasure and strength)

I learnt so much there. It was first time in Mama’s history that I took my class to Dr. Ruth Katharina Pfau’s Leprosy Centre. I wanted to teach my students practically the value of health and to be grateful to almighty for blessing us with health joy and all what we need. Children had taken gifts for leper patients and also cash for donation to the centre. It was appreciated by Dr Pfau and Dr. Zarina FAZEL Bhoy. Dr. Zarina also had nice talk with the Mama’s students. It was their life time experience.

Every day in Mama was a valuable experience of my life. The  heaps and variety of flowers I used to get every day by students showed their love giving me more energy and strength to be dedicated to my profession.

One day we came to know that miss. Contractor was absent from school as she had broken her collar bone. She slipped in Metro pole Hotel while going inside to attend a conference.

She was at school early morning the next day with her arm in sling.

She was above 70 then. It was just unbelievable to see her sign with the same hand. There was no shaking or any dissimilarity in her signature.

I requested her to allow me to kiss her hand as I was so moved and impressed with her dignity, sincerity and professionalism.

She was truly a lady of substance. She had worked with the great lady, the sister of Quaid e Azam, Mohammad Ali Jinnah the Founder of Pakistan, Miss. Fatima Jinnah Poonja.

I feel honored to have served Mama Parsi School.

Though Miss Mani Sheriar Contractor is no more in this mortal world but her services will be much regarded and always remembered.


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