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The moon descending down on earth tonight

It has illuminated on the whole earth tonight

The entrancing blowing pleasant gentle wind

Captivating on the earth intoxicated tonight

The wind whispers the love ballads softly

Love and ardor has beautified earth tonight

Yours likeness in the moon’s reflection

Seems as if seen the moon on earth tonight

Everybody has gone to sleep in the city

The moon passes through on earth tonight

Might get sleep at dawn

The earth is presently spellbinding tonight


چاند اترا ہے زمیں پر امشب

نور بکهرا ہے زمیں پر امشب

سحر میں ڈوبی ہوا چلتی ہے

ایک نشہ ہے زمیں پر امشب

قصہ عشق سناتی ہے ہوا

رنگ پهیلا ہے زمیں پر امشب

چاند کے روپ میں تمہارا عکس

چاند دیکها ہے زمیں پر امشب

سو گئے شهر کے مکاں سارے

چاند پهرتا ہے زمیں پر امشب

آنکه لگ جائے گی سحر ہوتے

جادو چلتا ہے زمیں پر امشب

انور زاہدی


The mighty ocean will never deceive

The ocean will never turn into sugary;

Its elongated history is justly splendid

The blue ocean is straight and honest;

You can never calculate its deepness

If you only soaked your ankles merely;

It was experienced by vulnerable Noah

And experienced by the tyrant Pharaoh;

The ocean was unrest and wept oodles

When it saw the sand on it shorelines;

Seeing the full moon, the ocean leapt

Danced and ascended of joyousness;

The ocean takes our land as an island

It’s surrounding on all sides our land;

So committed to the land; the ocean

Has never crossed further than limits



Come like the first star of the evening

Come in heart like glory in the evening

When the  moon sets in morning, you rise

With sunsets, come as twilight in the evening

Like all old sweet memories of love affairs

Glowing like a spark come in the evening

Lovelier than the skies, stars,

images (1)

Lovelier than the skies, stars,

Flowers, clouds, mountains;

From one and all I asked

About your destination;

But you, in my thoughts,

My center of allurement,

How silently seated

In my heart’s temple;

My home is your pathway

Come to my lane some day,

To console my heart,

To accomplish wishes;

Before infinity of love,

Before the act of my wishes;

If you wish to meet me, beloved

My home is just on the way—–!

Ahmar Hasan Ahmar’s touching poetry

Translated by Tanveer Rauf


My heart is foolish

Watching since dusk,

Blue sky’s blue moon

Watching since dusk

On the bosom of waves

Mounting, declining,

Storm of affection

Hitting the seashore;

Waves return like captives

Smash against prison’s dingy

Deaf walls, finding no way;

Outside the gloominess

Captivating beautiful life invites

Towards itself; heart is fascinated;

Heart is foolish,

Watching since dusk


Me the ocean and you the moon!

Composed by Ahmed Shamim

Translated by Tanveer Rauf


Chosen you beloved when

The entire world cherished then

I was thine, you were mine

Whom not we confided hence

Death is fatality thus

Life too harassed us

Moon was seated by the side

Why then abolish all lights

Still on her eyes on her veneer,

Bestowed worlds upon her;

In spite of all this Ahmar!

In no way did she ever love me

Composed by Ahmar.H.Ahmar




I traveled to towns to meadows,

With an ache of craving, in heart

To have a dearly loved, a dear one

To have a luminosity or a sheen;

Say once, that you are mine!

When monsoon clouds float

When spring blossoms around

When the moon showers light

When the sun bathe in sunshine

Or the evening enchanting town

Say once, that you are mine!

Loving arms are heartily open

Why damsel down in the dumps

How long we’ll be deceived in love

How long will you seek to peek?

When’ll heart be elated to peek?

Say once, that you are mine!

Why to fret on profit and loss

It’s not a gypsy’s trade to do

Take away all money and riches

You alone are precious for me;

Say once only, that you are mine

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