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Posted on: May 17, 2016


After the lengthy drifting of the heavens
My soul stretches to relax the weary body
A dream breaks with a moan as I open eyes
I get up like a sobbing child, wiping my eyes
The wrinkles on the bed sheet enlighten
How swiftly lived long years of my life
In such short span of time
Gulped venom in passion of reunion
Wrapping the bedding of my uneasiness
Seeing my swollen eyes in the mirror
I dusting off my thoughts I move forward

سیر ِ سماوات کے بعد
تھکن اتارنے کے کئے
جسم میں انگڑائی لیتی ہے
آنکھوں میں اک خواب
چھناکے سے ٹوٹتا ہے
میں آنکھیں ملتا ہوا ایسے اٹھتا ہوں
جیسے کوئی روتا ہوا بچہ
بستر کے چہرے پر پڑی متجسس جھریاں بتاتی ہیں
کتنی لمبی زندگی
کس حالُ میں
کتنی جلدی جی چکا ہوں
وصل کے جام میں
حجر کا کتنا زہر پی چکا ہوں
اوہام کا بستر لپیٹتا ہوں
آئینہ سوجی ہوئی آنکھوں کو حیرت سے تکتا رہ جاتا ہے
میں کام پہ چلا جاتا ہوں




My heart broke like a dazzling mirror

 Breaks, as if fallen on a hard boulder

As tears falling from eyelashes away

As a piercing arrow breaks; in my heart

As an appealing delicate bough of desire

Breaks all of a sudden in full blossom

Like a sequence of a romantic dream

Tangles at the time of realizing the dream

Like the earth slither under feet away

As hazards befall from above the sky

The branch I had the reliance on its solidity

 Nests built on it were all collapsed away

As an insensible comes back to senses

As a lost utopian comes back to senses

 Now being shattered into pieces I think

Who sensed the suffering I went through?

My going through, of grief, is just worthless

 Hum jo toote to is tarah toote
jaise hathon se girr k pathar par
koi shafaaf aaiina toote
jaise palkon se toot tha aansoo
jaise seene main ik kamaan toote
jaise umeed ki nazuk daali
barg mosam main na gahaan toote
jaise aankhon main khwab ki doori
waqt e takmeel se ulajh jaye
jaise pairon tale zameen nikle
jaise sar par yeh asmaan toote
jaise ik shaakh pe bharosa kia
is pe jitne thay aashiyaan toote
jaise wehshat se hosh aa jaye
jaise ta dair main dheyaan toote
ab jo raiza howay to sochte hain
kis nay dekha tha tootna apna
hum jo toote to raayegaan toote


Enchaining that times of yore period 

Waiting here at your time’s threshold

You won’t be at peace for a moment

Come see my pitiful heart’s sentiment

Your wants have brought you to me

You should meet me; meet solely me

I wish to adorn my being one day ever

Viewing my being in your eyes’ mirror

Leave some charisma before you depart

Or people seek for thy merit; when departing

Overwhelming viewers seated spellbound

The moment I finished chanting my poetry

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