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How the night passes and the dawn lighten

It rains and how it makes sound

Rain drops fall on trees create melody

The breeze that touches the face

How it feels, ears sense the lovely music

The ambiance and all sounds feel good

How these mesmerize filling the heart

Have seen this, entire do you hear it too

Do feel it sincerely and heartily

Peep and take a glance happily

Then it will rain,

Rain drops will fall on thy heart

The gentle breeze touching your face

Will soothe your soul

Then you will hear melodic music

It will enlighten your heart

Do ever listen to your heart and peep deep inside


Love is again rebellious what to say,

The heart is at her target, what to say?

The pathway is the same, what to say,

The life is the marshal, what to say;

Love itself covered in veil, what to say,

I’ve my own cupid’s look, what to say;

Melancholy thou were fruitless for long,

Melody thou art futile too, what to say;

Love exists no longer, nor does, loveliness,

Daze and gaze is there only, what to say;

Majaz is still down to earth even today

Gaze’s high up at the sky, what to say

Urdu composition by Majaz Lukhnavi

husn phir fitnaagaar hai kyaa kahiye

husn phir fitnaagaar hai kyaa kahiye 
dil kii jaanib nazar hai kyaa kahiye 

phir vahii rahaguzar hai kyaa kahiye 
zindagii raahabar hai kyaa kahiye 

husn Khud pardaadaar hai kyaa kahiye 
ye hamaarii nazar hai kyaa kahiye 

aah to be-asar thii baraso.n se 
naGmaa bhii be-asar hai kyaa kahiye 

husn hai ab na husn ke jalve 
ab nazar hii nazar hai kyaa kahiye 

aaj bhii hai 'Majaz' Khaak_nashii.n 
aur nazar arsh par hai kyaa kahiye

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