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Chilly worked as assistant in a doctor’s clinic for few months. There he learnt by heart names of diseases, medicines and their remedies.

He also learnt how to talk to patients and console them.

So one day when he got fever he took tablets that lowered his temperature. This opened a new window in Chili’s mind.

He decided to quit his job and open a clinic of his own.

His mother got suspicious to see him cleaning the garage one day early in the morning.

His mother knew him and his silliness very well so asked him the reason for cleaning the garage.

“Am starting a clinic of my own”; said Chilly proudly.

Mother: “What? Opening a clinic of your own?   Don’t be foolish Chilly  You are not a qualified doctor. Have mercy on me. Do not bring disgrace

To me at this age please.”

Chilly: “Oh, Mama, you always doubt my capabilities. Why do you underestimate me all the time?”

“I have gained enough experience from the doctor and I am confident enough to treat the patients now.”

I know how to diagnose the disease, treat and relieve the patients.

Now stop worrying. Be prepared to save money to buy a big mansion.

I disapprove of this small house of ours now. We will live a lavish life now.

I will build a big hospital with all services I will—I will—–’’

Mother interrupted by giving him a hard thump on his back.

Mother: “Stop day dreaming as usual Chilly  Go to the market and get me some vegetables to cook for the lunch.”

Chilly dragged his feet sluggishly towards market to bring veggies. He was confident of his skills and had finally made up his mind to open a clinic.

He met a friend on the way and shared his idea of opening a clinic. Everybody in the town knew Chilly and his foolishness. He was amused to know Chili’s new idea. So he encouraged him to start the clinic. He assured that Chilly would mint money and his friends will then envy him.

His friend said: “Patients will pour in Chilly in your clinic as you have good experience of working with the famous doctor.”

The next day every passer by saw a big board outside Chili’s home that read, CHILLY’S  CLINIC.

Chilly waited and waited for the patients but none came.

Days passed, Chilly was losing hope and planning to close the clinic and do something else when a lady entered the clinic and looking here and there asked for the doctor. Seeing Chilly she asked Chilly.

Woman: “Are you the doctor? She looked suspicious, as Chilly was lethargic and drowsy after day’s boredom.

He became attentive and replied: “Who do you think I am lady? Of course it’s me the great doctor. What can I do for you?”

Woman: “Doctor, I have one baby of 5 months old. I am worried whether he has teeth or not.”

Chilly: “Oh, y! It’s so simple to find out if the baby has   teeth just put your finger in his mouth.  If he   bites he has them otherwise he does not have any teeth. Hey don’t you put your finger in his mouth unless   you wash hands with boiling water to sterilize them.

The woman was stupid too like Chilly. She went home and boiled water.

She then put her hands in boiling water to disinfect her hands.

There was loud scream in the kitchen. Her hands got badly blistered in boiling water. The skin of her hands shredded.  Flesh and blood dreaded everyone who saw her. Her husband rushed to Chili’s clinic. He grabbed him by his color in fury and shouted at Chilly who was lost reading a book.

Husband: “Hey man, are you a healer or a butcher?”

Chilly hadn’t the least idea why that man had come or shouting at him so, innocently replied:

“Sir, I am a good doctor as well as skilled butcher. What help can I offer you? Where is your goat or cow to be slaughtered?”

Husband clenching his fists said: “I will cut your throat myself.  My wife’s hands got burnt because of your idiotic advice to disinfect hands in boiling water.”

Chilly: “O, man you created such a big scene on such a simple matter. Let me bring the best healing ointment I have. It will quickly comfort your wife.”

The husband gave a hard blow on Chili’s nose saying that he will not spare Chilly for his stupidity. Chilly has to accompany him to police station and be in this world behind the bars. Chilly was reluctant to move so the man kicked him hard and forced him to follow him.

Chili’s mother begged and requested the man to forgive her innocent and naive son who actually did not mean to hurt his wife or cause any harm.

The man agreed on one condition that Chilly would bear all the expenses of his wife’s   along with some amount of cash as penalty.

Chilly had a bad luck that day. His mother scolded him after the man left.

Chilly was well aware of what he had done so he just listened to all harsh words of his mother, which were at least better than to be behind the bars in jail.

In hearts of hearts he was sure that people were jealous of his worthy ideas. He thought his friends envied him so misguided others. He knew that it takes time to heal. “Why’d the lady created such hue and cry?”

Chilly had seen the doctor whom he worked with, that all instruments were sterilized in boiling water. “What was so wrong if he asked the lady to disinfect her hands in boiling water? The child would have got sick if she didn’t disinfect her hands.”

“Strange and stupid people!”  Thought Chilly.

Mother was so much taken a back that she forgot to cook for dinner.

Chilly was so depressed too that he slept without eating a speck of bread.

The next day Chilly got up with rumbling sounds in his stomach. He was so hungry that he started to cry. Mother was preparing breakfast for him because she knew that Chilly couldn’t stay hungry for very long.

When she saw Chilly in the kitchen she pretended to be angry with him so turned her face away from him. He sat close to his mother and begged to be excused, forgiven and be fed as he could no longer resist being hungry.

Mother smiled and said: “ Chilly you are blackmailing me emotionally now. Remember you said to save money for a big house and what not. I disagreed with you because I knew you are not capable and a little knowledge is dangerous so you experienced it yourself. Isn’t it?”

Chilly had no other option to deny so he lowered his head down in shame.

After a while Chilly told his mother that though it was bad experience but it won’t happen again and he will be more careful with the patients in future. Hearing this, his mother got mad at him. She beat him with a broom howling and grumbling at the same time. She warned him that if he continues to do follies again, she will not forgive him rather she would take him to the police station herself and make sure that he is put behind the bars.

Being a widow and belonging to poor class she could no longer bear the expenses if any harm is done to any other patient.

Chilly did not say a single word but he was confused what to do and what not to do. His thought that his mother is never satisfied. If he plans to do something she disapproves, if he doesn’t do anything she curses him of being worthless.

Children do you have any suggestion for Chilly?




Today while going to market I saw uncountable green flags fluttering at the side of every road. My heart ached to see the recently carpeted road with hollow outs for the flag poles.
With passing time the holes dug to fix the poles will get bigger breaching the road creating awful look of the city. Not only this but also making dangerous for the pedestrians and automobiles. Pedestrians often sprain their feet tumbling in the ditches while crossing the ruined roads. Blind, cripple, disabled and old fragile citizens lose their balance resulting in fractures and wounds. But who cares!!
May I ask what use these flags are for? Furthermore when the event is over then nobody bothers to take off these flags. The broken hanging faded strips of cloth present ugly pathetic look. Same is the case with banners. Events, occasions exhibitions and seasons go by but banners are never removed.
What service are we rendering to Islam by hoisting these black, green and other party flags?
I am neither prejudice nor bias against any religion, sect or cast.
Black flags or green flags both are raised to show respect and affection to one’s sect. But wouldn’t it be more helpful if same money spent on flags is given out in charity to the needy. To the patients who can’t afford to buy medicine and die a despondent death or to the parents to buy milk for their hungry infants or to liberate the innocent prisoners for their bail?
The great humanitarian poet Qateel Shifai rightly said, ”Muflis k badan ko bhi ha chader ki zaroorat, Ub khul ke mazaron pe ye ailan kiya jai”

مفلس کے بدن کو بھی ہے چادر کی ضرورت

اب کھُل کے مزاروں پہ یہ اعلان کیا جائے

(The body of poor also needs the sheet of cloth,  so it should be announced at the shrines)

I mention Mazar (tomb, shrines) as symbol here. Same is done in shrines as token of love and of course out of respect. Is hunger, poverty, ailments, inflation, unemployment, crimes eliminated by spreading the sheets on the graves?
Being a Muslim it is our firm belief that Almighty Allah gives and removes our pain and not the decorated adorned sheets of cloth or banners.
The processions taken out to show strength for one’s sect is not what Islam or any religion preaches. Why cause problems for others? Why abuse and curse the VIPs for traffic jam. We do the same. We block the roads. We add noise pollution to the environment by using loudspeakers. We do all that is wrong, but create a hell out of it if others do the same——
Our character and realistic positive approach towards life is best way to impress and inspire others to follow our religion or party.  Otherwise no one is impressed rather they make fun of us.

Our older generation struggled to get an independent country for us,  to live a  harmonious life, but we the later generation did not perform our duties religiously hence handing over the country to you  in a very bad shape.

Now I request my youth to move forward, be practical and  be sincere to yourself, to your country and to your fellows. No matter what religion, cast creed, color or sect may any one follow. He is to be respected and loved. Believe in what you say—–and say what you believe in!
Raise your voice against uncivilized act. Prove your sincerity and loyalty with your deeds.
Love one love all is my message.

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