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That one word that came out of your lips

In response to my put forward question

That word removed all—–

My queries, thy replies

Scattered all dreams and all hopes

You replied “No” in response to

“Yes” In someone else’s thoughts

As “no” is another way of say “yes”

Your denial and my steadiness

Our harmony!

All shades of discovery,

The word “no” has changed

My perception my persona

It has trapped me, making me

Into nothingness

I’m nobody now


Enchanting eyes,embedding heart he left,

Awakening life, in deep slumber, he left;

Covering face himself from me, he left,

What was the haste and hurry, he hid and left;

Captivating my entire existence, he left,

Like stealing me from my being, he left;

He had come to soothe his craving of love,

Adding bright blaze to fire of love, he left;

Lips quivered mutely, he didn’t come

                                                              Before going apart, staring at me, he left!

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Wish I was a lovely  bracelet of thy hand,

Thou wore me with utter love and delight,

In thy delicate beautiful  and dainty wrist

Restlessly in lonely moments thou played

With it, gripped in thy instance  of solitude

I may flourish with  scent of thy being,if

thou hug me,when in cheerful mood

I may joie de vivre with of thy lips’ heat

While thou float ed in lovable dreams  

Seen you often by ocean’s brink

Seems an idea crept into thy eyes,

  So hearing saga of splashing waves

Something sure–so smile thy lips;

Seen you often by ocean’s brink

Your foot steps tread on all alone

Forgetting me, forgetting you also

                      Hark back to your foot prints a lot!

Composed by Shaista Mufti

Translated by Tanveer Rauf

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