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Long time back a man and a lion met on the roadway.   For some distance they traveled quiet happily.  But the friendly chat turned serious when both tried to prove them superior over each other.

  The debate grew hot.  While going they saw a statue (an image made of wood or stone) which showed Hercules killing a lion by gripping his throat tightly.

“See there!” said the man. “That statue proves that I am right. This is the stronger proof of a man’s superiority over a lion.”

  “That does not prove a thing” replied the lion. “If the lions were the sculptures (the man who make figures by carving wood or stone) then every statue would show a lion standing over a man!”



The one who has power, show himself superior to other.

When those animals saw Pomi they got frightened and ran carelessly.

Pomi happened to see human beings for the first time.

Chuchu told Pomi that these animals are known as human beings.

Pomi had heard heroic deeds about human beings.  So Pomi thought that humans must be of huge muscular physique larger than elephants but it shocked Pomi to see such small and meek dwarfs like Lilliputians.  She enjoyed seeing those dwarfs moaning and running.

Chuchu was well aware of human beings and their brainpower so he asked Pomi to get away from that site as soon as possible.

Pomi followed Chuchu. They stopped by a brink of a lake.

Chuchu told Pomi that there’s a big populated place across the lake where human beings lived and her son Titu is caged there.

Chuchu: “listen Pomi, we must try to go to the place where Titu is captivated hurriedly, avoiding human beings. Free Titu and return as fast as we can. If we don’t take action fast we can get into great danger.”

“Our aim is only to free Titu and nothing else”  “Have you clearly understood what I have said Pomi?”

Pomi: “yeah Chuchu I fully agree with you. I will do exactly what you ask me to.”  “Let’s move”

Chuchu climbed on Pomi’s back. Pomi then stepping into crossed the lake.

Chuchu: “Pomi, now run as fast as you can no matter what, without looking here and there until I ask you to stop”

They entered the crowded and busy area. Heavy traffic and swarming of people harassed Pomi but she kept moving fast.

When people saw an enormous untamed elephant running madly they were frightened. Buses dashed, cars collided and people ran in panic. It was chaos all around.

Chuchu: “Turn right Pomi, run fast Pomi, come on run fast—–”

Chuchu: “Do you see the wall there on your left Pomi?”

Pomi: Panting heavily and without stopping, replied, “yeah Chuchu I see the high wall with iron fence”

Chuchu shouted: “We have to enter the gate.” Smash the gate Pomi and go forward”

Pomi hit the gate hard but it didn’t move an inch. Pomi bumped into it again. This time she hurt her knee badly but her motherly passion hit harder the third time and finally made it.

It was a big zoo. Pomi saw big cages with different kinds of animals in them. Some wild beasts like bears, lions, hippopotamus, rhinoceros, zebras, tigers etc and some were beautiful birds, larks, ostriches and antelopes with long knotted antlers. Well-maintained green paddocks were full with children, viewers and onlookers. Seeing a huge elephant stampeding people screamed and it created a horrifying sight. During all this puzzlement and confusion Pomi saw some elephants in a group.  A little further she saw Titu in one of the cages.

She repeatedly and impatiently called Titu in a husky voice with tears rolling down her eyes profusely.

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