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Poet; Shaista Mufti Farrukh
Translator; Tanveer Rauf
Thinking of thee—Love!

What is love——-?
To be lost in the ocean of chances
To neglect all for your soggy eyes;
Sometimes go and share with stars
About heart’s feelings or flowers,
Either squander silently all day
or be asleep in a meaningless way;
At times shed tears, at times veil them,
I evoke all, being lost on the way at dusk
What is love—–?
Poison, energizer, shadow, may be
Shadow, which often shadowed me;
Compels me to speak his language
Forget self, and choose crazy way;
What is love—-?
Be faithful to words, sip death’s poison,
Pat thy heart’s string with pure simplicity
What is love—-?
Maybe to locate him on the tracks,
Worship again, whom cast off before;
Just feel often, that we have left
Far behind, the destiny of madness;
Broken the bond amid flora and fauna,
Through clouds Love will shower again
Linking green shoot erupts in heart again;
Will feel free of your promising assurance,
Love will again return to your soggy eyes

محبت سوچتے رہنا

محبت کیا ہےـــ شاید بحرِامکاں میں فنا ہونا
تمھاری چشمِ تر کے سامنے سب کچھ بھلا دینا
کبھی تاروں سے جا کے حالِ دل،حالِ چمن کہنا
کبھی چپ چاپ دن کرنا،یونہی چپ چاپ سو جانا
کبھی آنسو بہا لینا،کبھی اشکوں کو پی لینا
مجھے سب یاد ہے وہ دن ڈھلےرستوں میں کھو جانا

محبت کیا ہےــ شاید زہر ہے،امرت ہے،سایا ہے
وہ سایاجو مری ہستی پے اکثر لوٹ آیا ہے
مجھے مجبور کرتا ہے کہ میں اس کی زباں بولوں
بھلادوں خود کواور دیوانگی کی راہ کو چن لوں
میں لفظوں کی امیں بن کر قضا کے زہر کو پی لوں
مجسم سادگی بن کر تمھارے تارِدل چھو لوں

محبت کیاہےـــ شاید راستوں پر ڈھونڈنا اس کو
جسے ٹھکرا دیا پھر جزبِ دل سے پوجنا اس کو
محبت سادگی سے سوچتے رہنا یہی اکثرـ ـ ـ!
کہ ہم منزل جنوں کی اور پیچھے چھوڑ آئےہیں
گل و بلبل سے رشتہ تھا،وہ رشتہ توڑ آئےہیں
محبت بادلوں کے ساتھ پھر یکدم ہی چھائے گی
ہری کونپل سے باہم ہو کے دل میں پھوٹ آئے گی
تمھارے سب قوی دعوؤں سے سنگت چھوٹ جائے گی
محبت پھر تمھاری چشمِ تر میں لوٹ آئے گی

شائستہ مفتی

Saint n Satan

Both saint and Satan were born with the creation of this World.
The first ever killing took place when there was neither media nor any source of information, correspondence, learning or replication. Jealousy and selfishness urged Qabil to kill his real brother Habil just-because he wanted to marry the same girl.
So both qualities of love and hate are inborn in animals and human beings.
Almighty Allah however has given insight to human beings to differentiate between right and wrong.
So all wicked and virtuous deeds are in practice where ever the man breathes, regardless of color, cast, religion, language, soil, civilized or uncivilized. These are the elements of human nature.

Pakistan is generally notorious for all sorts of pollution, chaos, violence, you name it and we have it ———all brutal acts. Such activities and incidents be happening in every country but others don’t advertise the way it is done in Pakistan and about Pakistan by national and international media.

Why? Why is Pakistan only facing all guilt and shame? It is mostly because of our independent electronic and print media. But now what media is projecting? They are exhibiting everything unpleasant, immoral and shameful incidents.
What do talk shows serve? Four or five politicians quarrel on burning issues. Host talks more than guests.
No solution ever found to any problem in such shows. Breaking news and all talk shows only create irritation, confusion and tension. They do highlight problems and serious issues but no criminal ever shown punished.

Killings, rape, burning, looting, sniping, corruption of all types was in practice previously too but in veil. So only some immoral acts reached the ears of mass. Life seemed to be harmonious and peaceful. Childhood in my time was only to play, study eat and sleep. No tensions no insecurity. We moved freely without any fear and uncertainty.
Morning shows promote fashion; make up, expensive jewelry and designers’ costly outfits.
It only creates resentment and inferiority complex in the society where poor are selling their children to extinguish the fire of hunger. Youth is committing suicide due to unemployment and inflation. And rich are showing off. A lady was wearing a dress fully bejeweled with costly stones. That one dress would have cost one lac of Pakistani currency. Who would believe that Pakistan is developing country and that people are dying of poverty, diseases and hunger?
The best morning show was conducted by Kiran and George at Aaj T.V. they served and solved problems of so many in vain. I liked their sincerity, elegance, simplicity and mission to do something positive practically. Kiran and George wore simple neat Pakistani dresses.
Media can give projection to outstanding performance of Pakistanis at international level to boost morale of the public and lessen some tension at least, like we have the HOCI Mian Asad the World Youngest Web Designer

Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi is a professional tennis player from Pakistan. He is currently Pakistan’s top player. Naseem Hameed the fastest runner in south Asian games won the race having no means n sources to support or train her. She lived in a single room house but had potential so proved it amazingly.

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) scholar Kashif Mehmood made the whole nation proud by successfully completing two PhD degrees from France within a period of four years. He was offered a full-time tenure track position in a leading university in Canada that he turned down to return to Pakistan and serve his country. Selfless intellectuals like Dr. Kashif Mehmood are a true inspiration to our youth and a pride to our nation. There are so many such brilliant achievers but not given any importance as they deserve.
They are like stars illuminating the environment n eliminating the pollution under their jurisdiction.
Pakistan can grow and glow with supersonic speed if media plays its positive role and stop ratings of their Channels.
I wish my fellow citizens to stop grumbling; abusing and cursing the government, departments, and inflation. just rise and show to the world that despite of all these problems you can do wonders. You have the talent and potential. Polish it, groom yourself ,take out our latent ability and face the world with pride and performance like all our champions have done in past are doing now in every field noticed or unnoticed.

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