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Roving in the land of desires got me nothing

I gave nothing to anyone so I got nothing

Tw’s sheer fake that bloomed in darkness

Beyond my being, the light gave nothing

Isn’t it bounteous, am given a wish, for life?

How can I say that life gave me nothing?

All sovereigns and beggars turned to dust

Self-importance or timidity repaid nothing

It’s known that agony of parting is ecstatic

Your Amity left no scars no pain, nothing





Which land have you been deported to?
I’m lost and alone in this crowded world
The Death angel has deserted me also
The wish for seeing is not fulfilled also
The heart’s heartless and unconcerned
Nothing interests or charms heart at all
One soul having boundless desolation
May not breathe his last of suffocation
Let me look at you with dipping eyes
As am sinking into the land of eternity
Which land have you been deported to?
I’m lost and alone in this crowded world


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O’ winds listen!

O’ milieu listen!

My little, innocent, dear

Son is lost somewhere;

Trust me! Trust me!

On the land, in the sky

Where on earth he isL

He stepped out of home, for

School, with a small satchel

And, lots of childish wishes;

Hugging him, I used to tell him

My love, you’re, hope of the land

Fostering I nourished him myself;

Sang lullabies to make him sleep

That beloved, is lost somewhere

Trust me! Trust me!

 Search for him please!

Tell him, his mother’s waiting

 For him on doorstep, since long

 She’s desperate to see him;

Ask him if, he’s angry with me,

Tell him, I’ll hum him lullaby

Search for him please!

 Hearing mother’s plea, the sky

Shed tears, the earth sobbed;

Silently they whispered,

Forget him, forget him, as thy

Little darling son, is no more;

He is dead

He’s been shot dead!

Dedicated to all innocent children who were brutally shot dead recently in a school in USA, and many others who were killed by drone attacks or by street killers around the world


Though, I’ve no relation with you,

No bonding, no oath whatever

No undertaking, not any union,

No hope, nor any anticipation,

Thou are never by me, at any jiffy

My being is not thy responsibility,

Thy self is not dependable on me,

You are habit- ant of some other land

I’m from some other terrain’s   soul;

Your insight is different from others,

Mine ways, unlike from the entire

You are not mine, nothing at all

Even then, don’t know why assume

That without you, I’m imperfect


tujh se mera koi rishta to naheen,

koi bandhan koi wadaah to naheen,

koi paimaan koi rabt naheen ,

koi umeed naheen aas naheen,

to kisi dam bhi mere paas naheen,

tera zimma naheen meri hasti,

mera merhoon naheen tera wajood,

tu kisi aur nagar ka baasi,

main kisi aur jahan ki makhlooq,

tere afkaar juda hain sab se,

mere atwaar alag hain sab se,

tu mera koi naheen,kutch bhi naheen,

phir bhi jaane mujhe ehsaas hai kiyun,


Razia Subhan

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