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Next day with the new rising sun they   hid themselves on the roof   of monkeys’ big cage. The zookeepers would put them in cages too if they seen them.

With the nightfall they gathered again to discuss and finalize the plan of freeing other animals in the zoo. After a hot discussion it was decided that only those animals would be supported to flee who really want to   go back to the jungle.

Next day the falcons and monkeys kept an eagle’s eye on the zookeepers’ activities. They discovered the secret places where the   keys of the cages were kept. The monkeys also observed how to lock and unlock.

The darkness prevailed with the sun setting in the west.  The Falcons and monkeys tiptoed out of their hiding spots.

To begin with, they made sure that all the zookeepers were sleeping. Then inaudibly they started to unlock the cages. The animals were already briefed to slip away without a sound.

There were two main gates.  The animals that eagerly wanted to return to the jungle were divided in two groups.

Animals are animals after all. They have not been provided with the same wisdom as human beings by Al-mighty Allah, so when one group reached the   main gate the monkey who was leading the group just banged his head against the gate. He had forgotten to get the key of the main gate.

Luckily the guards were in deep slumber.

It was not difficult for the birds and monkeys to fly or   jump over the walls and escape but it was not easy for some animals to jump over the high walls of the zoo. They feared being caught by the watchmen but the guards being irresponsible  were half dazed too. Darkness and dim lights camouflaged them    with the trees’ shadows.

The last option they had was to breach the gates. The bulls and rams were chosen for this task. Violent blows broke the gates and the animals ran off.

The loud noise of the breaking gates    harassed those around the zoo. When people saw animals rushing out of the gates they ran yelling wildly. Cars dashed and collided hurting and killing any one who came in the way.

The animals did not take any notice of the chaos. They kept running out of the city, following the monkeys.

Hundreds of doves, parrots, skylarks, swans and many other birds flew above them in the same direction towards the jungle.

The beginning of the end J

More stories will be provided on request J

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