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Layer 1Chanel-2012-hair-net

Adorn your hair with stars and smile forever

Forget your long-gone past, and chant now

All those tears you endured for so long

Now rest thy head on my chest to weep

Come and knock at the door of my heart

Come in with dignity to reside forevermore

Load my arms with your warm touch

Then hold back the warmth of the sun

Give me all thy pains, and take my joys

Then keep smiling the rest of thy life

From many gloomy nights and setbacks

I am tired and have collapsed, come lift me up

Bearing agony and trying to be composed

I’m worn out now; take me in your arms

Gather some seashells and sweet dreams

My love is an ocean, come and dive in there

Those who think love is not strong, Ahmar

Come with me to make them jealous



Long time back a farmer had a very big farm. He raised goats in that farm.  Goats had their kids (baby goats) also. A very active, strong and playful kid among them, loved to climb on the roof of the farm.

He felt in high spirits to be there on the top. Rest of the goats and kids stayed below feeling jealous of him.  

    “Look at me mother,” he would leap and say “You are afraid to come up here, where I am, but I am not.” The other goats and kids took did not like his boasting.  

One day a wolf passed by the farmhouse. He gave one look at the kid on the roof but as it was out of his reach so the kid was safe.

The kid seeing the wolf go away, laughed and teasingly said: “Why don’t you try to come up and catch me? Don’t have the guts to come up?”

    The wolf stopped, looked up again, and called back: “It is not you who say such words to me, but, it’s the place where you stand.”

Moral of the Story:   If you must insult your neighbor, first, make sure that he cannot reach you.

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