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Now the artists scared of artiste

Character of lover is daunting,

The one who said he fears none,

He too fears the wooly person;

Those who like sweet, or like salty,

Combative preachers are daunting;

Uncertain when discard me from faith?

Terrified of your sermon, O’ celebrant;

When he says; My Dear Countrymen

! Commandant‘s loud bawls’ frightening,

Not worried of starving or parched,

Horrified of consistent intoxicated;


Unknown at times, at times drifter,

Oblivious keeping me incompetent;

Intoxication formed my facade looks,

At times like  pub, at times like goblet;

Words captivated me since childhood,

My tongue‘s utterance  was imminent;

Time I got , wasn’t suitable for me

Unlike sunup, treated like sundown;

I colonized a city  of sheer keenness,

Then each home of the city moaned;

Wasn’t allowed to do, what I could,

Affluent treated me as ordinary man;

Prince  be-quested with a lethal robe,

Crown  adorned with disdain not jewels;

Again spring blossomed like this
So sun and the moon become witness
Look! O, natives of the earth
It’s beautification of the earth
That earth is beyond measure
The sky is bejeweled with stars
Grass when get not any space
Became moss on water surface
To see flora and grassy region
Nargis Flowers been given vision
Air has the effect of inebriation
Drinking is like wind intoxication
Why the world be not happy Ghalib
Lord of religious zeal restores health.

phir is a.ndaaz se bahaar aa_ii
ke huye mehar-o-maah tamaashaa_ii
[mehar-o-maah=sun and moon]
dekho ai sakinaan-e-khittaa-e-Khaak
is ko kahate hai.n aalam-aaraa_ii
[sakinaan-e-khittaa-e-Khaak=dwellers of this earth]
[aalaam=world; aaraa_ii=ornament]
ke zamii.n ho ga_ii hai sar taa sar
ruukash-e-satahe charKhe minaa_ii
[sar taa sar=infinite]
[ruukash-e-satah-e-charKh-e-minaa_ii=a sky full of stars]
sabze ko jab kahii.n jagah na milii

ban gayaa ruu-e-aab par kaa_ii
[sabze=greenery; ruu-e-aab=water surface; kaa_ii=moss]
sabz-o-gul ke dekhane ke liye

chashm-e-nargis ko dii hai binaa_ii
[sabz-o-gul=greenery and flower (flora)]
[chashm-e-nargis=Nargis is a flower which is shaped like an eye]
hai havaa me.n sharaab kiitaasiir
badaanoshii hai baad paimaa_ii
[taasiir=effect; baadaanoshii=to drink wine]
[baad paimaa_ii=to take a measure of the wind]
kyuu.N na duniyaa ko ho Khushii “Ghalib”
shaah-e-dii.ndaar ne shifaa pa_ii

Lord of religious zeal restores health
Composed by Asadullah Khan Ghalib
Translated by Tanveer Rauf

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