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Targeted Operation

They came—- they searched my home

And they found a love letter

From one of my very old books

And torn to shreds, rose flower!

That got crushed under a long boot

A list of household things

from my old diary

of the last days of the month

that couldn’t be bought;

this list was ironically laughed at

and torn into pieces;

my genuine brilliant dated prose

was taken into custody!

I’m imprisoned now

For the crime of not having

Any ammo for self defense

My children are witnesses against me

And so are my neighbors

Shabeer Soomro

Translated by Tanveer Rauf



O’ Allah the Creator,it’s our appeal

Endorse our every aspiration

Bless us, here and hereafter

Prevent us from the fire of hell

May imprisoned be released

May those in debt be relieved

Bless those who have no offspring

Give those healths that are ailing

Keep us away from evils of the world

Lead us to path of peace and accord

Nourish with foodstuff that makes us upright

Shower us with wealth of love for Prophet

Give us no grief except the grief of Hussain

May every heart adore family of Prophet

Day and night may every heart pray for

Knowledge, awareness and happiness

Composed by Hussain Sehar

Translated by, Tanveer Rauf

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