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Humble legacy to beloved and most respected Hazrat Muhammad

Sallallaho alaihewassalam

Today’s esteem and valor is due to Muhammad

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It’s my mother’s request and Allah’s blessing

How to pay tribute, how to inscribe Na’at?

My heart! His admiration is ahead of words

Why would one wish for heaven or fear hell

The sinner who has come to thy doorstep?

I’m empty handed, I have not anything

It’s mere His blessing, that I’m enduring;

Wish   my eyes to hug all day and night

I plea Allah that my request is granted;

Wish to be in supplication at his doorstep

 It’s my heart’s plea Shaukat, my core wish

The holy Prophet Muhammad sallallaho alaihewassalam said,; He who visits the sick continues to remain in the fruit garden of Paradise until he returns.

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The Very Small Candle

    In ancient times people lighted their homes with lamps.  The trunks of plants were used as candles. There was one particular candle which had taken up large quantity of thick oil and was feeling proud.

One day it declared before a large gathering that it is better than the sun, the moon, and the stars. All of a sudden, a gust of wind blew off the candle. The servant who lighted it said: “Shine now, friend candle! Better think before you speak.  There is no wind strong enough to blow out the lights of heaven.”

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