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I confess I love you, any means to let you know?

I feel I’m imperfect, anyway for aptness knows?

Love, the only salvation for all torment, but alas!

My compassionate belief is, just to be devoted

Madness, now insanity, return to normalcy doable?

Barn on words, lips silent, yet I know few orators

Any way out to realize dreams for unaided soul?

Everyone lost in his utopia, assuming liberated

Heart’s fallacy to be gratis, any way, be truly free?

One is in ardently affectionate, yet loathing reigns

Wish affable love overrules, to show peace reigns

Union and parting soul of love observe me to know

My looks, my idiocy my state, isn’t enough to show?

Silence considered my weakness, people still rate me

What is happening in Ghaza is sheer shame?

Can humanity be more humiliated than this?

All shroud less corpses of patriot cruelly killed ask

O’ humanitarians you are eyewitness of violence

Any defense for this callous act of offensiveness

Alleyway of love and compassion is illuminated

Though it’s thorny to walk on this path however

Humdum, anything more lustrous than my heart



Kindle the verve within your self

Wipe out the grunge of past,

Come out from the era of memoirs;

Opportunity of new horizon on the way,

If only you augment your determination;

Enjoying the present joyous moments,

Overlook the future fretfulness;

That’s the enlightenment of living,

Extinguish the heart’s rankling

متاعِ جاں میں اِک محشر اُٹھادو
غبارِ دورِ ماضی سے نکل کر
دیارِ یادِ ماضی کومٹادو
نئے اِمکان کا امکاں ہے ممکن
اگر تم حوصلہ اپنا بڑھادو
اُٹھا کر لُطف حاضر ساعتوں کا
غمِ فردا کے اندیشے بُھلا دو
یہی تو زندگی کی روشنی ہے
دیا جو دل جلائے وہ بُجھادو
رضیہ سبحان


O’ people, it’s matter of pain and shame,

It’s about sheer sadism on people of Ghaza;

Talk on people of Ghaza is talk of devotion,

Talk on people of Ghaza is talk of corrosion;

Live and perish is routine of common folk but,

Hats off People of Ghaza! Who live to do or die;

Nobody’s fretful about them in whole world?

See them endure; matter of sheer dishonor;

Where are the warriors of BADAR and UHAD?

What an indignity for the entire Muslim world?

Hats off to people of Bolivia and Brazil for aid,

Its matter of cordial compassionate humankind;

All unruliness is due to cold-blooded silence,

All apprehension publicized is mere deceitful;

O’ Allah! Have mercy as Thou are the only one,

To apprehend the heartfelt prayer of Humdum!

Alauddin Khanzada Humdum

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