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O, the only One! Tried to worship You,

But all worldly gods to introspect me;

Esteem, wisdom, insight is Thy blessing,

Gratitude for appointing us Thy aide;

Those who engrossed in worldly fantasies,

Some sped arrows, some did conspiracies;

If you didn’t accept as Him as true One God

How many scores of gods you’ve to beg then;

The ones who couldn’t abide by love’s vow,

They fancy abiding by the love at this time;

It was not evident that time will change,

The critics then, all highly praised me—!

Enemies veiled talents from me, Humdum,

My friends uncovered their slipups to me–!

Allauddin  Humdum Khanzada


Long long ago there lived a very rich man. He was so rich that he could easily afford to feed all the people of his town. The man was very proud of his wealth and thus boasted his luxurious life to his friends and relatives.

The rich man’s son studied in a far off land. Once, when his son came home on vacation, his father wanted to make his realize that how rich his father is. However his son was not fond of classy living.

The rich man planned a visit with his to the town just to prove that how well-to-do they are and how deprived other people were.

Having visited the town in a deluxe chariot, both father and son came home after two days.

The father was happy to see his son quiet during the visit seeing the sufferings of poverty and ailment. Father proudly asked his son;” Dear son, did you enjoy the trip?”

The son replied; “yes father for showing me that how rich those people are and how poor are we.”

The rich father was stunned to hear his son’s words. He was speechless.

The son started again saying, “Father true wealth is not money and property we have. It is more about friendship, relationship and compassion we share with them.”

Moral: Life and love is  true wealth and more important than lifeless wealth


Bunny rabbit lived happily in a jungle. He had a very big circle of friends. So he was very proud to have so many friends unlike other rabbits.

One fine day, Bunny heard a loud scaring bark of a dog. He immediately decided to ask for help. He went to his friend the Skippy deer. Bunny said; “Dear Skippy, some wild dogs are chasing me. Can you please chase them away with your sharp antlers?”

Skippy the deer said; “That’s right. I do run very fast and can chase them away too, but I’m sorry I’m very busy right now. Why don’t you ask the Big Bear to help you?”

Bunny ran to seek help from Big bear.” Dear Big Bear, you are so strong and brave. Kindly chase away the wild dogs that are after me.”

Big Bear replied; “Please ask the Cheeky Monkey to help you, as I’m very tired and hungry. I need to find some food to eat.”

Poor Bunny went to ask for help to all his friends, elephant, goat, jackal zebra etc but bunny was sad that none of them helped him.

So he hid under a bush and lay very still. The dogs didn’t see him and went their away.

Moral: He learnt that one has to be strong and confident of him and not to depend on others.

The last blog I wrote was i think two motnhs back or so I dont remember. since then i      havent written anything. my mind is just like a blank slate or blank sheet of paper. Just dont know how to write what to write. what fear I have is fear of all my bloggger friends. I request you to please dont forget me. pray that i start writng again.

wish each one of you health, wealth, long life with your loved ones ameen

I have a strange kind of personality traits.
I’ve been considered very dynamic and responsible from childhood by my teachers, parents of my friends, and even servants. They had blind trust in me. I also never broke their trust or let them down.
I did the best I could to accomplish the assigned task.
But—– I know that I’m damn careless when my self is to consider. I wouldn’t get up to drink water, even, if dying of thirst or do anything for myself. My mother getting annoyed on this, used to say, “Though you are just an ordinary girl, but your behavior is of a princess.”
I’m thought to be very organized. I have proved it for others)——-but ——let me share with you on the sly! I’m too unmethodical and slapdash I hate to iron my clothes, comb my hair, or wear matching outfits or wear two slippers of the same make when I’m home. My friends know that I feel relaxed and happy when I wear anything I get—it may be faded, torn or outdated but———-what pleases me is that it’s soft and comfy J
I am known to be very refined and well-mannered officially J but — believe you me, I can’t resist eating whatever served in friends’ party I can’t wait for anyone, young or senior. I told my Chinese boss too, when I stayed with them on a training session, that he may get angry with me for anything I do wrong I won’t mind, but I can’t wait for him to start eating first. When I’m hungry, I don’t follow any rules and he always was very kind and caring.
I ate my dinner twice when my husband’s dead body brought home. When I’m upset, I eat a lot more.
I rise early and sleep early. I never studied late in exams from preschool to university level. Ate more relaxed more, watched movies, painted, sang, and played my guitar when depressed.
I was very composed and serene at home, but, as a student, I was very naughty and playful. It was when I was in grade 8th in Presentation Convent. Mother Regis was our class teacher. Being short in height, I sat in the front seat. When I cracked jokes, the whole class roared of laughter.
I could see Mother Regis coming in door’s glass panes. So at once opened my book and pretended to be reading. None of my classmates knew this. Mother used to punish the class for being so nasty, while called me “my angel.” and was glad about for being such a good girl. My classmates only abused me in their hearts J
When I won trophies and prizes in debates or literary contests, earning, laurels from my teachers and friends my father used to say, “You know nothing but have created an impression of yourself on others.” J Parents know their children inside out. I never harmed anyone!
So, friends, I am like this even today when I am 64 years old now and a grandmother of 6 adorable children

A donkey and a cock were two good friends. They lived happily together in a farmyard. One day a hungry lion was passing through that farm.  He saw a stout and well fed donkey. The Lion, being starving, decided to make a meal of it.  He stood there, thinking, as to, how to make the donkey come out from the farm.

The cock was watching the lion.  The Lion did not see the cock, as he was engrossed in the donkey only. The cock realized that the lion is up to something.

The cock is a proud bird.   There is also, a saying that the cock’s crow irritates the lion a lot.   To upset the lion He started flapping his wings and crowing loudly gave one of its proudest cock-a-doodle-dos. This protest surprised the Lion who had not seen the bird in the farm.
Not knowing who was making this noise, the Lion turned and ran in alarm.
The Donkey who had been listening to the Cock crow, about saw this as a chance to prove his own worth. Thinking the Lion coward, who fears a bird, the donkey, began to chase the mighty Lion feeling proud of him.

Soon the Lion thought, “Why I’m running away? I shall turn and fight.”

The Lion turned his head, ready for a fierce fight, but saw it was only a Donkey who had been chasing him.   He was too delighted to see his own prey coming towards him.  The Lion jumped at the poor Donkey and killed him.  As he began to eat, he paused and sighed slowly, “Today I have been fooled.  My own prey chased me!



Think before you leap!





Waiting with the yoke of my corpse,

For a bough to befall from the tree
Shrouding my exposed body

To cover it up ———–!


Afar in moist moonlight’s lap

Emerged an elegant coped town

Like one’s own dreams’ dwelling

Under the dense shade of thickets where

Fireflies flashed light for just a while

(I had a similar dream world in my heart

In remembrance of that beautiful land

Where silence was rhythm, stillness hum

Now its homage, lovable and a bit sulky!


All mornings were the same

All the evenings were the same

All days were similar

All shackled in brutality

Rough action was the law!

On call of ruthlessness

We brought seen, unseen chains

We planted failures in the fiery heat

At night in the desert of loneliness,

Reaped unseen dreams’ misery!


The moment now to part away with friends

Clothe in thy memoirs to leave thy tents


Yearning to get free from every chain

I got on the coast of a nameless river

Under a shade tree near the shore

Beautiful selections from

Ahmed Shamim’s poems

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