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Hi dear friends

i’m sick so might not write anything but i need your prayers, love flowers so when i open my page i see lots of them

thank you

wish you all health, long healthy, wealthy glowing blessed life with your loved one— amen


wordpress award

i nominate this award to Saadia Peerzada for her blog Smiles here and smiles there

ster Award

wpid-liebster-awardI was nominated for this award by Darshith over at Smiles here & Smiles there!!. A big thanks to you .



Thank you very much Saadia Peerzada for this award. I feel much honored that you consider me as one of your nominees for this.

The rules:

  1. Thank the nominator.
    2. Pass it on, as per your will.
    3. Post 7 interesting things about yourself.

7 – Facts about me:

  1. I feel ordinary among others but very especial and loving for selfJ
  2. I love to be with my children and grandchildren.
  3. I am very easygoing and lazy fellow
  4. I hate people who lie. Unlike many people I just CAN’T stand liars more than any other type of people.
  5. I strongly believe in equality between people of different color, religion or ethnic group. I face numerous people everyday that discriminate on the basis of these factors and I simply can’t stand that.
  6. I am committed honest and trustworthy. Love nature and everything that is created the by Allah
  7. I believe in the power of love

My Nominees are:

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  2. http://lafayetteangel.com/2015/08/03/my-article-read-8-2-2015/
  3. http://bjgaulton.wordpress.com/
  4. http://zoneidea.wordpress.com/
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  7. http://lumar1298.wordpress.com/
  8. http://witlessdatingafterfifty.wordpress.com/
  9. http://chococurrent.wordpress.com/

10. http://saadiapeerzada.wordpress.com/


Neighbor’s rights are many and are ordained by Allah. The holy Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h)said; “Gabriel advised me  so much regarding neighbor’s rights that I began to suspect that he would be included among the heirs”

The first and foremost and the principal right the neighbor is not to cause him pain, trouble or sorrow; moreover, helping him in his need, sending him occasional gifts, sharing his joys and sorrows are all meritorious and rewarding acts. If a neighbor is hungry, regardless of color cast or religion, rich or poor, it is not meritorious to feed him but also a bounden duty.

Cordial and courteous behavior is very pleasing to Allah and is also rewarding.

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Wishing ALL MY CHRISTIAN BLOGGER FRIENDS and THEIR loved ones a Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with fun and frolic!

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Every day passes before me as if

I am nothing, just nobody

At times sings, at times he bemoans

Grumbling or banging his head at times

Yelling as if the whole world is deaf

Often I think about him

He is insane even though

He has a world of his own!

In his world, his life, his utopia,

Joys and sorrows are his,

Grief and relief are his own

His loneliness is his harmony;

This lunatic is better than me,

I have been prudent and sensible

I’m all alone amid friends!

وہ پاگل،

روز میرے سامنے سے یوں گزرتا ہے

کہ جیسے میں نہیں کچھ بھی

کبھی ہنستا، کبھی روتا

کبھی وہ سر جھٹکتا،بڑ بڑ اتا

جیسے زمانہ سارا بہرہ ہو ۔۔

میں اکثر سوچتی ہوں دیکھکر اسکو

کہ یہ پاگل تو ہے


الگ اک اسکی دنیا ہے

جہاں پر “کل” ہے یہ اپنا/

ہے اسکی سوچ اپنی، آگہی اپنی

خوشی بھی اسکی اپنی/

غم بھی اپنا،بندگی اپنی

ہمیشہ تنہا رہ کر بھی

ہے خلوت انجمن اسکی

یہ پاگل مجھ سے بہتر ہے

کہ میں ذی ہوش ہو کر بھی

بھری محفل میں تنہا ہوں ۔۔

رضیہ سبحان




“Hey Titu, what on earth are you doing here?” asked Aunt Fox. “Do you know how far you are from the place where your mother Titu is?”

Aunt Fox did not seem happy with Titu, as she knew that Titu is a carefree child of her friend Pomi.

Titu was puzzled and scared too. He told Aunt Fox that he had lost his way.

Titu’s eyes were cast down on the ground out of shame. Then he asked Aunt Fox pointing towards the black stripes. “Aunt is it anaconda lying here? Will it swallow me up?”

Aunt Fox looked at the black iron stripes and laughed at Titu’s foolishness

“It is not anaconda Titu. It’s the rail track for the trains to run on it?”

“Track for trains?” “What is a train?”

Aunt Fox was about to explain when a small squeak was heard. It was Chuchu the rat wishing aunt fox.

Aunt Fox introduced Titu and Chuchu with each other.

“Where are you coming from or going to Chuchu?”

Chuchu: “Oh Aunt! What to say, I had high time in train. Last week I went to city with some of my friends in train. We ate lots of delicious things. Some children had cheese pizza, garlic bread and peanut biscuits in their basket. Luckily it was my birthday too that day so we friends enjoyed the feast. The children found the next morning that their food was nibbled and munched.”  “We enjoyed their anger and hunger.”

Titu was listening to Chuchu’s talk with keen interest. He asked Chuchu and Aunt Fox about the train. Aunt Fox briefly told him about the train.

Titu: “Chuchu have you really traveled in a train?”

Chuchu nodded his small head proudly.

Chuchu: “I very often moved in trains sometimes alone at times with my friends. When I miss my family, I come back home. The journey in train is very exciting and thrilling. I have seen many places and eaten variety of eatables in the train.”

Titu requested Chuchu to take him too next time when he goes in a train.

Chuchu: “you—- and train—-“he looked at Aunt Fox that was also smiling at Titu’s request. Chuchu laughed sarcastically.

Titu felt insulted and asked the reason for their laugh. “What have I said so funny that both of you are laughing at me?”

Chuchu said that he only laughed at his innocence. “You are so huge in size Titu dear that you can’t get on train unnoticed or unseen”

Aunt Fox: “Chuchu is right Titu. “I also got on train sneakily, though Chuchu had warned me. I felt so excited to see hens, birds, ducks, pigeons, sparrows and quails in webbed crates with strings and cords.” I got my mouth watery to see them.”

Aunt Fox stopped and breathing deeply stared in the space.

Titu gazed aunt in waiting to know the details.

After a pause aunt fox said gloomily that she was just thinking to ask Chuchu to bite the cords so she may do justice and eat some birds. But then guessing the gestures of Aunt Fox, the ducks quacked, birds twittered, pigeons fussed, hens clucked and sparrows chirped loudly drawing the attention of the keepers.

“Before I could hide myself anywhere, the keeper hit me hard with a shaft on my back.  Though it has been years now but the pain reminds me of the incidence every year in winter. It hurts badly in winter.”

Titu: “my dear Aunt Fox you are so small in size and posture that could not stand one thrash of the stick. I am so huge and strong an elephant. So what if I am a baby elephant. Will you take me for a train ride Chuchu please?”

Titu’s constant requests compelled Chuchu to take him for a train ride.

One day a cargo train stopped far from the station.

Chuchu, his friends and Titu rushed to the spot.

Titu s somehow managed to get on the train.

Chuchu and his friends hid themselves in holes and arcs.

Fortunately Titu escaped onlookers’ eyes too.

The shrill of the honk frightened Titu but Chuchu consoled. Chuchu told Titu that honk is the signal that train is going to be in motion.


As the train started to run, Titu enjoyed the cool breeze, speedily passing by human beings, trees, mountains and lakes. He felt in high spirits watching everything, which he had never dreamt of.

It was new experience for him.

They heard a honk again. Chuchu told Titu that the train would slow down to be stationed. Titu felt strange why everyone looked at him in wonder. After short while people started gathering near their section. Titu felt proud and overwhelmed to see so many watching him. He thought that as he is the first elephant ever traveled in train so he’s been looked at.

Within no time the crowd scattered and uniformed men came with heavy strong ropes, chains, net and a crane. Titu did not know what was to come next when he was grabbed, tied with ropes, chained and loaded in a gigantic truck. The truck moved to one direction leaving the onlookers amused and confused at the same time.

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