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A foolish donkey and a sly Fox, somehow, became friends. One day having entered into a partnership together, went out into the forest to hunt. They had not gone far, when they met a Lion. The sly Fox well aware of the lion’s might, went to him and started flattering and pleasing with sweet words.  She pleaded the lion that if he promises to spares her, she would arrange the capture of the donkey for him.

 On his assuring her that he would not injure her, the Fox led the Donkey to a deep hollow. And she, made sure, that the Donkey should fell into it. Thinking that she is safe now stood aside waiting to see poor silly donkey become the delicious foodstuff for the lion.

The Lion, seeing that the Donkey was secured in the ditch, without any delay grabbed the Fox. So before the Fox could free herself from the strong grip of the mighty lion, the fresh flesh of the sly Fox contented the hunger of the king of the jungle.

The Lion ate the Donkey,later, at his leisure time.               

Moral of the Story: We learn by the misfortunes of others.










Once upon a time the falcons saw a magnificent cage a little further from Bittu, the baby elephant’s cage.  They had never seen such a worth seeing enclosure before anywhere not even in the zoo.

It was like a Chinese pagoda.  The bright red canopy was upturned and it was laden with flowery liana on three sides giving it a picturesque scene.

Inside the enclosure, bamboo shoots and long elephant grass scattered all over.  There was some one inside —– “who could it be?

A baby bear—– a black and white baby bear? How could that be?” said a monkey. A falcon was surprised to see a back and white bear.  Guessing their wonder the animal inside said: “friends, I am not a bear. I am a Panda. I belong toSouthern China.

Southern Chinais covered with thick forests. I do resemble   bears but I am herbivorous. I eat leaves and   bamboo shoots.”

A monkey said: “you seem to be living alone here. Don’t you have other pandas or your family members here?”

The panda heaving a sigh said: “My mother died of a strange disease when I was very young. I would have died too if some humans did not take care of me.  They brought me here. Since then they have treated me like their own baby. They feed me, care for me and   love me.

They have not only saved my life but have also saved our generation. I am very thankful to them.”

The monkeys and falcons speechless listened to panda’s story.

After some time a falcon asked panda: “Panda dear would you please explain the how humans saved   your species?”

“Ugh! It’s a long story but I will tell you in short.  For    past many decades new pandas’ reproduction bunged rather the species lessened gradually. Years of study and research made it possible for the humans to find the cause   of our thinning.  Now a rewarding    number of pandas are being raised.   Other countries are also working hard to build up our breed.  This is all because of humans’ love and care for animals and especially for us, the pandas.”

“Hey! How come you are all out of your cages?”  Said Panda astonished.

The falcons and monkeys had no answer to panda’s    query so they moved quietly from there.



Allah caresses me like gentle wind

He is linked with devoted heart beat

Shine like rays everyday on my door

I see Him like luminous atmosphere

In cold season in my soul’s solitude

He stays with me, clings like shawls

If ever lost in wilderness of desert

Guides me akin to sounds of forest

If scared of ghastly dreams of space

He sings lullaby with wishes by night

He’s to me like sheltered banyan tree

He understands me just like a mother

Composed by Shaista Mufti

Translated by Tanveer Rauf

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