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I experienced different moods of Dubai like; The sand storm,  the drizzle, the dense fog, the heat, the cleanliness, the fashion, International brands, different cultures, the movies, the cruise, the dancing fountains, the global village, the security, the excellent management, tasted food, fruits and veggies of different countries. I enjoyed everything to the fullest but the gift I brought from there is painful and will take time to make me forget it J I got flu and chest congestion so much so that I had to cut short my visit and came back home. Not back home but straight to the family doctor from the airport. All through night I coughed with fever and body pain. I smile to myself when I hear my own husky sexy voice J I got so much love and care from my niece and daughter and their families. They did whatever they could to soothe my pain. I was treated like a princess or to say queen is better because of my ageJ I got so many precious gifts from them. To be honest it’s all part of adventure!

 I’m honored to have met my dear sister in law, my nephews and their families after 15 long years. They spent thousands of dollars just to meet me. I’m humbly grateful. I learnt that love is supreme and most powerful!

croatian-necktieimagesNecktie375px-Persian_Silk_Brocade_-_Paisley_-_Persian_Paisley_-_Abdollah_Salami_-_1939Paisley design

Have you ever wondered why men wear ties? Why this was includedas part of dress?

Neckties can be taken as decorative accessary. Men around the world love wearing them, though neither it keeps warm or dry nor adds comfort to the wearer.

most people have the same opinion that wearing of necktie started in the 17th century. The Croatian mercenaries hired by King Louis X111 wore a pice of cloth around their neck as part of their uniform. It had a decorative effect too. King Louis liked it very much. Thus he made neckties mandatory accessories for Royal gatherings. To honor the Croatian soldiers the King gave this neck tie the name ‘La Cravate” the name for necktie in French to this day.

The tie as we see and know today didn’t become known  until 1920s. Many changes took place in designs and styles accroding to fashion and need.

Today, ties are availble in many widths, cuts and  patternsand fabric. It is about personal choice of the man who wears it according to his society and gatherings. However the standard width of the necktie is still in the 3.25-3.5 inch range. Many designers offer narrow ties too that about 275-3 inches wide. Besides the width, unique fabrics, weaves and patterns introduced as well.

Knitted ties became popular in 2011 and 2012 with bold florals and  paisleys (Paisley or Paisley pattern is a term in English for a design using the boteh or buta, a droplet-shaped vegetable motif of Persian origin. Paisley is a town in West Scotland, centre of textiles)

This design is still in fashion and demand.


Make my eyes intoxicated and dozy

Or puff up like fragrance in my mind;

Thou need not to doll up and style

Mirrors reflect thy fashion and styles

Be honest, do you remember me too?

I have made my memories my dreamland;

Charismatic drunk eyes had emotive effect,

Or else was complex for many to be upright;

Be devoted to, is the only way in this world!

It’s not easy to go through this path of woe;

Some are so drawn in, in this wine of love,

They pay homage every night every day;

Humdum has learnt only this, being in love

Either be in one’s heart or never be in heart



Wish a scene is fashioned as such

Love be dumb, deaf be beauty;

Love when speaks his heart out

Beauty, listens with buoyancy

Those were the days when we realized our dreams

Floated boats on waves and geared up whirl pool 

Heart beats in a particle when came to know

Formed hundred moons with a whirling star 

Seen many skilled craftsmen in every phase

Having no dreams, fabricating silk 

The entire temple, church, masjid, chapel probing

When did divine preachers dole out contaminant? 

Due to glass n liquor, odor n music, Sahar

Few friends fashioned festive environment


 Composed by Sahar Ansari

Translated by Tanveer Rauf

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