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To sacrifice verve is Humdum’s insight
No alternate, simply immense esteem;
Where to move now, once parting Him
He’s our verve; this is but the legitimacy;
Amazing well-wishers, all deem in love,
But this love is devout and unbounded;
People are happy in all state of affairs,
But to be committed to one is knotty;
Etiquette to love is yet to be taught,
Raise hands those desirous to follow;
Love is a crime, we do agree, however,
What so ever the peril, we rely on love,
Hatred is common like virulent disease,
The antidote is only loyalty and reliance



Pleasant or unpleasant, all will elapse,

This life’s boat will accordingly elapse;

Birds will never find it’s way to flowers,

Each one of the birds will thus elapse;

This time will not live forever, seamen,

Someone will one day dive into Ganges;

Hither it’s me, thither it’s conditions,

She  will soon lose this  competition;

Self pretense is not recommended, Lord,

This esteem  undeniably passes away Lord;

Desires have never realized  nor will ever,

The whole life will elapse in same manner;

How long will Haali ‘s voice be unheard?

His say-so will do  something far-fetched !


Translation of Altaf Hussein Haali


O, the only One! Tried to worship You,

But all worldly gods to introspect me;

Esteem, wisdom, insight is Thy blessing,

Gratitude for appointing us Thy aide;

Those who engrossed in worldly fantasies,

Some sped arrows, some did conspiracies;

If you didn’t accept as Him as true One God

How many scores of gods you’ve to beg then;

The ones who couldn’t abide by love’s vow,

They fancy abiding by the love at this time;

It was not evident that time will change,

The critics then, all highly praised me—!

Enemies veiled talents from me, Humdum,

My friends uncovered their slipups to me–!

Allauddin  Humdum Khanzada

The night would be fragrant of familiar odor,

The same odor would’ve come from thy attire; 

Seeing mirror, a little would hark back

A sigh on silent lips might have played;  

All shades of thy veil have autumn colors

Dusk of flaking flora was in search of thee; 

Thou, who see far-off, of the seashore,

Heart’s vessel would have sunk nearby; 

Love was the center of thy dreams and eyes,  

  The esteem of love would have broken markedly


Shaista Mufti’s work translated by Tanveer Rauf


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