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My cordial yearning is inviting you

Wish making life worthy, I invite you

When you come; delight follows you

I wish to relish life and smile like you

I’m fully gripped in thy charm and love

Thus I wish to enlighten you of my love

Wish to be listening to all about you

Wish to share all about self with you


tumhare bulane ko ji chahta hai,

muqaddar banane ko ji chahta hai,

jo tum aao, to sath khushiya bhi aaye,

mera muskurane ko, ji chahta hai,

tumhari mohabbat me, khoyi huyi hu,

tumhe ye batane ko, ji chahta hai,

ye ji chahta hai ke tumhari bhi sun lu,

khud apni sunane ko ji chahta hai,

muqaddar banane ko ji chahta hai,

tumhare bulane ko




Unique we are; not easily to be found

We’re like the pitiful dreams abound

O! My grief how am to solve vagueness

Is my heart impatient or am I so restless

Gloomy and silent I’m by the seas shore

Ocean’s love enlighten; it’s my resilience

Many people travel, only few get success

Treasure our verve before we’re no more

 Flowers have asked the caged birds; Shad

Come to spell, we’re fresh with loveliness

Shad Azeemabadi


Dhoondo Ge Agar Mulkon Mulkon
Milne Ke Nahin Nayaab Hain Hum
Tabeer Hai Jiski Hasrat-0-Gham
Aye Humnafaso Woh Khwaab Hain Hum

Aye Dard Bata Kuch Tu Hi Pata
Ab Tak Yeh Mu’ammya Hal Na Hua
Hum Mein Hain Dil-E-Betaab Nihan
Yah Aap Dil-E-Betaab Hain Hum

Main Hairat-O-Hasrat Ka Maara
Khamosh Khada Hoon Sahil Par
Dariya-E-Mohabbat Kehta Hai
“Aa Kuch Bhi Nahin Payaab Hain Hum”

Lakhon Hi Musafir Chalte Hain
Manzil pohunchte Hain Do Ik
Aye Ahl-E-Zamana Qadr Karo
Nayaab Na Hon Kamyaab Hain Hum

Murghan-E-Qafas Ko Phoolon Ne
Aye Shaad Ye Kahla Bheja Hai
Aa Jao Jo Tum Ko Aana Ho
Aise Mein Abhi Shadaab Hain Hum

















Let’s go and enlighten her
the bond we had before
Meeting again after parting
All differences overlooking
Sociable bond is still there
Let’s be together once more 


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