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All the night long where a sad lamp flickers
Is such a dwelling on the way of blowy airs;
She would ardently love me; so to leave later
I was well aware of this skillfulness of hers
She has deserted me at a situation where
When I forget her, her memory appears
So Mohsin, I couldn’t sleep calmly any night
As she sometimes comes on the roof at night
Tamam shab jahan jalta hai ik udas diya
Hawa ki rahon main ik aaisa ghar bhi aata hai
Woh mujhe toot ke chahay ga chor jaye ga
Mujhe khabar thi usay yeh hunar bhi aata hai
Wafa ki konsi manzil pe choda hai us ne
Ke woh yaad hamain bhool ker bhi aata hai
Isi liye main kisi shab na so saka “MOHSIN”
Woh maahtab kabhi baam per bhi tu aata hai
(By Mohsin Naqvi)


Cast a look at your dwelling, while walking by,

This habit will weaken also, little by little,

Sentiments running like the lines in your hands,

If they were footprints, they would be wiped away,

The pathway I walked along once,

Now feels strange to walk in the same street,

If the heartless city had given me an option,

I would have lit a candle,,

Pieces of clouds were extended as seasons,

Hanging in the sky, but getting closer,

Every moment of his absence, causes more aching,

he has taken away centuries, with him parting,

The street leading to his home, is deceiving,

And the path would have called me, if he had come there.


Heart is sure to meet him somewhere sometime,

He lives somewhere here in these surroundings;

The one who liven up with his glorious persona

Say O, dwelling! Where does the lord live now?

It was a period when all dwelled together——-

Now, some live hither some live thither


Far from the dwelling, in I live nowhere

Being on the ground, I live in the skies

Who hath the power of the universe?

Peacefully I cherish in His shielding

You’re yearning to know heart’s ease

I don’t know which land I dwell in— 

Words are spread out on every page

I dwell in every unsighted love story

All efforts are void to captivate love

I’m out of reach, dwell in far off land

Free from care of every yen and desire,



Even the stars move in your way now

Spending their nights in your dwelling;

In thy love I felt such mayhem that folk

Do not entitle me fanatic, but are scared;

Friendship with candle has cost me a lot

Knowing the fact, hitherto moths give life;

Moon night, parting and loneliness now

Let’s budge from urban to dwell in desert;

We have our own mores of making love,

Love the one, who we’ve  dispirited;

Blinking stars may be asked as to how

They change parting night into dawn?

I will remain faithful Ahmar, but

She spends her life in disloyalty


Syed Ahmar’s work translated by Tanveer Rauf

Escort thee in desert of isolation,

Stars sneak out to steal thy beauty;

Seeing loveliness of your face

Nature may seek out for you;

Only a path follows your built-up

When tread towards, tales turn up;

Sailor of my craft was very clever

Sinking after, drowned me long back

Still yearning to go to the same dwelling?

Sharing by heart, scores of reasons appear;

    Like thy yesterdays love glumness, Ahmar

    Set forth to visit same charismatic dwelling;

Tanveer Rauf translated Syed Ahmar’s poetry

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