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If hope of morning lessens at any instant

Life, scared embraces dreams of evening

With evening, the ache for you deepens

Darkness of the gloomy night extends everywhere

If heart’s ice doesn’t soften,

Then life’s river will condense,

Like a stream with little water

Which promptings have settled in the hearts?

That even today wakes me up suddenly at night

One step staggering off course

Can transform the speed of history


By lovely moments coming, restraint will perish

We both will reunite and detachment will perish;

All the times of flowing tears will tear too

Your vigor and mine will free us from this tie 

But entire sagas are only for reassuring our hearts,

Nights of grief die little by little ebb aching heart,

Smiling, moaning, weeping, wounding and singing;

Dream of harmony is strange and will remain weird

In stagnant arena, the lover will narrate the love story

Gradually our whole lives will wash down through eyes;

Love like dew—–
Satisfies thirst of a petal’s rim
elevates colors in the sepal’s brim
hums, smiles glitters at dawn
boondocks feel divine drawn,
When in love
Love as dew!
Love like clouds
Showers over the heartland
garden’s tiny spot swings n beam
flora flings on ever barren land;
love enlivens the hearts who
are like lifeless grave’s frame
Love like clouds
Love like fire
When gleam in the dull hearts
hearts enliven!
Heat of love has strange secret
the more it be ablaze,
life’s essence enlivens;
Gather n scatter on the shore of hearts,
love like surf,
love like turf
love like fire
love a dream
Descending in eyes like the moon
stars of desires shimmer like
state of restless heart can’t be identified
On the tree of love, dream birds descend
the branches wake up;
When weary stars chat to the world
the candles light in the forlorn eyes
love burns like water lamps
love like a dream
love like pangs
Exist like mark of bygone seasons
exists like the grown isolation;
When wicks flicker on the eaves
winds of hopelessness heaves
When no tap no rap is felt in the lane
when sense of someone is in vain
chest shatters with heartache
it caresses, like a well-wisher
hovers in the space for long
like the dust
love like pangs

محبت اوس کی صورت

پیاسی پنکھڑی کے ہونٹ کو سیراب کرتی ہے

گلوں کی آستینوں میں انوکھے رنگ بھرتی ہے

سحر کے جھٹپٹے میں گنگناتی، مسکراتی جگمگاتی ہے

محبت کے دنوں میں دشت بھی محسوس ہوتا ہے

کسی فردوس کی صورت

محبت اوس کی صورت

محبت ابر کی صورت

دلوں کی سر زمیں پہ گھر کے آتی ہے اور برستی ہے

چمن کا ذرہ زرہ جھومتا ہے مسکراتا ہے

ازل کی بے نمو مٹی میں سبزہ سر اُٹھاتا ہے

محبت اُن کو بھی آباد اور شاداب کرتی ہے

جو دل ہیں قبر کی صورت

محبت ابر کی صورت

محبت آگ کی صورت

بجھے سینوں میں جلتی ہے تودل بیدار ہوتے ہیں

محبت کی تپش میں کچھ عجب اسرار ہوتے ہیں

کہ جتنا یہ بھڑکتی ہے عروسِ جاں مہکتی ہے

دلوں کے ساحلوں پہ جمع ہوتی اور بکھرتی ہے

محبت جھاگ کی صورت

محبت آگ کی صورت

محبت خواب کی صورت

نگاہوں میں اُترتی ہے کسی مہتاب کی صورت

ستارے آرزو کے اس طرح سے جگمگاتے ہیں

کہ پہچانی نہیں جاتی دلِ بے تاب کی صورت

محبت کے شجر پرخواب کے پنچھی اُترتے ہیں

تو شاخیں جاگ اُٹھتی ہیں

تھکے ہارے ستارے جب زمیں سے بات کرتے ہیں

تو کب کی منتظر آنکھوں میں شمعیں جاگ اُٹھتی ہیں

محبت ان میں جلتی ہے چراغِ آب کی صورت

محبت خواب کی صورت

محبت درد کی صورت


Dreams peep through his open eyes

Is he awake? Or is he half asleep,

In wetly forest of thy fondness;

My body dances, just like a peacock!

Why won’t he recognize me in any state?

He’s aware of my stance right through;

Though I’m in his reach, however, he

Considers my desire to get together

 Perveen Shakir



Pathways, objective, oasis and feeling,

Numerous lifeless dreams and feeling;

The feel the touch of hands is freezing

So many dealings of relentless feeling;

Yearn to depart this life or live a life?

Heart’s just beats and anguish feeling;

Let live in the misty cover of memories,

To neglect the suffering of my feeling;

Chunks of awareness on the pathway,

A book of solitude in hand and feeling!

my luggage

My luggage is laid in empty room,

Secretly hidden are some wishes;

Relics of dreams lay safely there,

Some flowers hidden unwillingly;

 Spirit kept searching for a friend—!

My pride strolled hither and thither;

But, scent of my soil didn’t ascend!

My pride dishonored in alien’s land;

A lamp of hope, lighted in eerie

 Eyes, in murky, gloomy nights;

The body thawed like mud in water

Discoloring colors, in monsoon rain;

The door’s kept open for you——-

My luggage is laid in empty room!

Composed by Shaista Farrukh Mufti

Translated by, Tanveer Rauf




 Sheikh Chilly was famous for his laziness and idleness all around.

He had one more quality, which added foolishness to his character. He was a daydreamer. He loved to lie down and dream of business, traveling, working and God knows what. Though he planned a lot, but Sheikh Chilly could never realize his dreams. His plans never materialized for he was impractical so dreams remained dreams only.

As usual he was lying on bed with eyes closed, dreaming of something when his wife shaking his shoulder furiously awoke him.

Wife: “ Chilly will you ever be of any good? There’s nothing at home for me to cook and you are sleeping. You are just good for nothing. I wish I had not married you.”

Chilly felt belittled so got to his feet at once and said heatedly: “Now not a single word lady. Just relax; I am going to town to find a job.”

He started towards the door when the loving wife asked him to wait until she gives him bread rolls to eat on the way that she had prepared a day before.

She gave him seven bread rolls.

Chilly was walking leisurely humming his favorite tune when all of a sudden he realized that he was feeling hungry. So after a furlong’s walk he saw a well midst a grove.

Chilli opened his lunch box and whispered to himself: “Should I eat one or two or all the seven?”

It so happened that seven fairies lived in that well. The well was surrounded by evergreen trees and bushes and presented beautiful landscape so the fairies cherished to live in cool well having sweet water.

 So when the fairies heard that someone wants to eat them, they got terrified.

The Fairy Queen came out of the well and asked Chilly: “Why do you want to eat all seven?”

Chilly: “Because I am very hungry. One or two will not satisfy my appetite.”

Fairy Queen: “Let’s have a deal. If I give you a unique gift that will fulfill your entire family’s appetite for good, promise me that you will not eat us.”

Then she waved a magic wand and a big device appeared. It was a big cooking pot.

Fairy Queen: “Mr. just order this pot and it will serve you whatever you wish to eat”

Chilly: “Let me order roasted chicken. He was spell bound to see the pot filled with hot spicy and delicious roasted chicken.

The Fairy Queen swiftly slid down the well while Chilly got busy eating chicken and rolls.

After eating and drinking cool sweet well water he lay down to rest under the trees’ shade and fell asleep. When he awoke it was evening and the darkness engulfed the whole area so Chilly hurried to reach town.

He saw a motel not far from where he was, so thought of spending the night there before proceeding for the town.

Chilly rented a room in the motel. He washed and made himself comfortable. He felt the desire to eat before sleeping so he talked to the pot.

Chilly: “O, magic pot I am feeling hungry, bring me some hot spicy rice.”

The pot was immediately filled with rice. Chilly ate happily and thanked Allah.

The lady of the motel was watching all this.  So when he was about to sleep the lady entered his room and inquired about the pot. Chilly was a naive he shared everything with the lady.

The lady was sly and a greedy woman. She kept a similar pot beside Chili’s bed after he was sound asleep and took away his magic pot.

Next morning Chilly being very happy took the magic pot home. He made many plans on the way home. He imagined selling the variety of delicious fresh cooked food and getting rich. He would buy all luxuries for his wife. They will go on world tour and enjoy all wonders and blessings of Allah.

At last he reached home in good spirits. When his wife opened the door for him she was pleased to see Chilly with a big smile on his face.

Wife: “O, dear Chilly what makes you so happy.”

Chilly: “My dear wife, I have brought you a magic pot. Now you will not have to worry or cook anything. The pot itself will provide you anything you wish for.”

Wife: “Chilli please stop it now. I know you very well and have never heard of such pot ever in my life. Refresh yourself and I will serve food.”

Chilly ordered the pot many times but the magic pot remained a pot only and nothing happened. No food nothing came.

Wife made fun of him and teased him so much so that Chilly got irritated.

Chilly: “Hold your tongue now. Don’t insult me anymore. Give me seven rolls again today and I will not disappoint you this time.”

Fearing that Chilly might stay home and day dream again, his wife prepared seven rolls for him and asked him to leave.

Chilly walked briskly towards the well. He sat on the ridge of the well and repeated same sentences like before: “Should I eat one, two or all seven.”


Fairy Queen: “Hey mister what brings you here again? I had given you the magic pot. Is your craving for food still unsatisfied that you have come to eat us all?”

Chilly: “The pot you gave me is worthless. It’s not fulfilling my wishes and not providing with any eatables.”

Fairy Queen: “Wait I’ll give you something very precious and useful this time. It will make you wealthy very soon.”

She waved her magic wand in the air and a beautiful healthy white hen showed on her hand.

Fairy Queen: “This hen lays a golden egg. Whenever you ask her she will lay a golden egg for you. Take it and do not upset us again please.”

Chilli delightfully went to the same motel to stay for the night since it was late evening and darkness prevailed. He was afraid of both, the darkness and the wild animals.

The lady was pleased to see Chilly again in her motel.  She gave him the best room to stay in her motel and served him with juices and fruits without even being asked for. She was confident that the foolish man must have brought something of value this time too.

Lady: “How are you Sir, what is this hen good for. It’s such a lovely healthy hen. Stupid Chilly shared with the lady again. So when he was in deep slumber, the lady took away the magic hen and replaced it with same kind but an ordinary hen.

Chilly went home happily visualizing heaven on earth for his family.

By selling golden eggs he could become the richest man in the world.

Opening the door the wife teased him by looking at the hen.

Wife: “I am sure this hen lays golden eggs.”

Chilly astonishingly: “How on earth do you know about this hen?”

“It is really a magic hen that lays golden eggs. We will become rich very soon my dear wife.”

Wife smiled sarcastically and unbelieving said: “I will only believe if it in reality lays a golden egg.”

Poor Chilly ordered the hen number of times but fate had shame and distress for Chilly like always. The hen failed to lay an ordinary egg either for it was a cockerel not a hen. The lady had cheated poor Chilly.

Chilly: “Make rolls for the last time please. I will teach those liars and swindler fairies a lesson they will never forget.”

The wife refused to make anything for him as she thought that Chilly himself eats all rolls and makes false excuses of magical things.

Chilly went to the well in great anger and spoke loudly: “Should I eat one, two or all of seven this time?”

Hearing Chilly in anger the fairies got annoyed too. The Fairy Queen came on the top of the well.

Fairy Queen: “What’s wrong with you man. I gave you such priceless gifts, which could make you wealthy and prosperous. But you seem to be a very greedy person. You can never be contented.”

Chilli: “No respected Fairy Queen, I am not greedy. My wife made fun of me because both the gifts you gave me were just ordinary. The pot did not provide and neither eatable nor the hen gave any golden egg.”

Fairy Queen: “Ok, I believe you. Tell me did you go straight to your home from here?”

Chilli: “No, your Excellency I did not. I went to a motel nearby to spend the night for I am scared of wild animals at night. I shared    with the owner of the motel about the pot and the hen.”

Fairy Queen: “Fine. This time you take this rod. Go to the motel and ask the rod to hit the person who took away your gifts until she returns them to you.”

Chilli did the same. The rod beat the lady so hard repeatedly that she returned both the pot and the hen to Chilli begging to forgive her.

Chilli felt victorious to take 3 wonderful magical gifts home.

 Sheikh Chilli became very rich.

They lived a contented happy life helping others as well.



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