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When Hazrat Uzair looked around to see his donkey he was surprised. The bones of the donkey were no more bones but somewhat like powder n broken. It meant that donkey’s skeleton was very old.

The angle then touched and moved the bones of the donkey.  The bones started gathering same like Hazrat Uzair’s. Bones turned into skeleton of donkey. Flesh covered the bones. Skin covered the flesh and hair on the skin completed the whole process. The angel then put in the spirit in the body of the donkey. The body moved and the donkey stood up and started to bray.

Hazrat Uzair was showed what he was thinking about.

Hazrat Uzair: “I believe Almighty Allah can do anything. He is the creator and nothing is impossible for Him.”

Riding the same donkey he started for where he lived. He could not believe his eyes as the whole place was changed. There was not anything that he knew was there when he left. Looking all around he saw an old house which looked like his house. So he went and knocked the broken door.

He saw an old blind woman sitting inside.

He asked her: “Is it Uzair’s house?”

Old lady: “yes it is his house but every one has forgotten him.”

Hazrat Uzair: “It’s me Uzair. I was dead for hundred years. Allah has given me new life now.”

Old lady: “Allah always honored Uzair wishes and prayers. Bring back my eye sight. If I get my vision back only then I will believe your words.”

Hazrat Uzair prayed to Allah and waved his hands on her eyes.

The moment Hazrat Uzair’s hands touched her she saw Hazrat Uzair.

Old lady: “I do witness, you are Hazrat Uzair.?

The old lady then told all people about Hazrat Uzair. She also helped him meet his son grand sons. Hazrat Uzair’s son’s age was 110 years and grandson was ninety years old. Hazrat Uzair was 40 years. He was 40 years old when he died. So when he got life again he was of the same age as when he died.

This event is quoted in Quran in Soorah Baqra


Moral of the story: almighty Allah is the Creator. Nothing is impossible for Him. He can create and can destroy. He has the power to bring back to the same position. All praise is to Allah.



After one hundred years Allah sent an angel again.

The angel first made Hazrat Uzair’s heart then his eyes.

Hazrat Uzair could see and understand all that was going on.

He saw his bones gathering and formed into the full skeleton. Then he saw bones were laden with flesh. The flesh was then covered with skin. Last of all hair covered the body parts where needed. After the whole body was complete the angel blew the spirit into the body. As soon as the soul got into body Hazrat Uzair sat up at once.

It was done to make Hazrat Uzair understand that this is how dead will beget life.

The angel then asked Hazrat Uzair that how long he stayed dead. Hazrat Uzair said: “May be a day or less.” Because when he was thinking all that it was noon and now it was afternoon only.

The angel: “you remained one hundred years in that condition.”

The angel then pointed towards the bowl that had grape juice and bread pieces.  Hazrat Uzair looked at the juice and bread pieces in the bowl.

They were same as they were when Hazrat Uzair died so he did not believe the angel.

The angel: “look at your donkey now.”




Like many prophets Hazrat Uzair also belonged to ban-i- Israil. He was well read scholar of Hazrat Musa’s Tora’at. Tora’at was the book revealed to Hazrat Musa by Allah.

Hazrat Uzair was a farmer. It was a y. He set out for his fields on his donkey. He reached a place at noon which was deserted.

There were few broken down and damaged buildings but no life form around.

He decided to eat and rest in a vacant broken down house in the area.

He had two baskets. One had food for his donkey and one had foodstuff for himself. He unloaded the baskets and fed the donkey.

Then he took out grapes and dried bread from his basket. He crushed the grapes to take out juice. Then he put dried pieces of bread in the grape juice to soften before he ate the. He lay down and rested until the bread softened.

The walls of the house where he lay had fallen and roof was almost half broken. He lay under the shade of a broken wall. He looked around and thought that some one must have lived in that house. Life would have been beautiful then. People must have led a happy life. But now there is no one to be seen. People died and houses fallen and everything finished.

The condition of the place was very bad. It seemed a very long time since any one lived there.  Even the bones of the dead human beings and animals decayed.

But Hazrat Uzair knew that all dead will be brought to life again on dooms day. He imagined that how will the dead come to life again. What an amazing scene will it be? He believed that nothing is impossible for Almighty Allah. He kept thinking all that and praising Allah.

Allah knows us in and out. So Allah sent an angel of death who took away Hazrat Uzair’s life. Hazrat Uzair died.

After one hundred years Allah sent an angel again.



A donkey and a cock were two good friends. They lived happily together in a farmyard. One day a hungry lion was passing through that farm.  He saw a stout and well fed donkey. The Lion, being starving, decided to make a meal of it.  He stood there, thinking, as to, how to make the donkey come out from the farm.

The cock was watching the lion.  The Lion did not see the cock, as he was engrossed in the donkey only. The cock realized that the lion is up to something.

The cock is a proud bird.   There is also, a saying that the cock’s crow irritates the lion a lot.   To upset the lion He started flapping his wings and crowing loudly gave one of its proudest cock-a-doodle-dos. This protest surprised the Lion who had not seen the bird in the farm.
Not knowing who was making this noise, the Lion turned and ran in alarm.
The Donkey who had been listening to the Cock crow, about saw this as a chance to prove his own worth. Thinking the Lion coward, who fears a bird, the donkey, began to chase the mighty Lion feeling proud of him.

Soon the Lion thought, “Why I’m running away? I shall turn and fight.”

The Lion turned his head, ready for a fierce fight, but saw it was only a Donkey who had been chasing him.   He was too delighted to see his own prey coming towards him.  The Lion jumped at the poor Donkey and killed him.  As he began to eat, he paused and sighed slowly, “Today I have been fooled.  My own prey chased me!



Think before you leap!



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