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How come such bells toll in the breeze?

Say! Whose rhythm adhere the breeze?

Who has stars adorned in her tresses?

Why lights gleam in clouds, as in tresses

Why does breeze carry robe of fragrance

Who’s dancing today in cosmic ambiance?

Who’s soothing musical love notes about?

Who is singing pleasantly in milieu about!

Where do tinkling and jingles come from!

In whose feet anklets restive and edgy form

Which fairy is engulfed in this silky soft body!

Who dwells in attire of silky and soft body!

Who has embellished way with flora for me?

Who has bestowed dreams in my eyes for me?

This fabulous city’s been hoisted with love Najmi

I’m engulfed warmly in arms of truthfulness


یہ کیسی گھنٹیاں بجتی ہیں ان ہواؤں میں
کہو یہ کس کا ترنّم ہے ان فضاؤں میں
یہ کس کی زُلف کے آنچل میں ہیں ستارے سے
یہ بجلیاں سی چمکتی ہیں کیوں گھٹا ؤں میں
نسیم لے کے چلی کیوں یہ خلعتِ خوشبو
یہ کون آج ہے رقصاں کہیں خلاؤں میں
یہ آج کس نے بکھیرے ہیں سُر محبّت کے
ہے کون نغمہ سرا دل نشیں نواؤں میں
یہ گھنگروؤں کی چھم چھم کہاں سے آتی ہے
مچل رہی ہے یہ پازیب کس کے پاؤں میں
یہ مرمریں سا بدن کس پری نے پہنا ہے
ہے کون نازنیں اس پیرہن کی چھاؤں میں
گلوں سے کس نے سجائی ہے رہ گزر میری
یہ خواب کس نے اتارے مری نگاہوں میں
یہ شہرِ قاف بسایا ہے عشق نے نجمی
سمیٹ رکھّا ہے مجھ کو وفا نے بانہوں میں
الحاج نجمی کراچی پاکستان



Singing songs he’s lost self in dreams

He has silenced! The traveler of dreams

Stunned in musical tools; The Belle, dancing

She’s lost in ecstasy; she’s stopped dancing!

The shining stars and metaphors fascination

Have faded away and lost their captivation

Silence is ecstatic, and silence is deceptive

The being made of dust returned to dust

Whatever’s made of light subsists in light

Its celestial ambiance!





Which place was it where we were at night?

Everywhere dance in exaltation there at night

What a brow, what a posture, what a beauty

Was heart stirring where we were at night?

We lost in her charm; while foes at guard

We were wordless, where we were at night

Muhammad illumined the place there Khusro

The Al-mighty was Guest of honor, there

 Where we were at night

The narrator gave his life away there Khusro

Amazing ambiance where we were at night



Khanum Jan

A body of clay

Is a dancing ray

Khanum Jan;

The lady, dancing in dazzling lights!

Cupped in her comfy hands

My falcons lost their way

I painted many affairs in thy eyes

I’ll but, take away all my dreams

The moment I leave your room;

Let’s see the lost faces in our eyes

Before dawn breaks! She whispered

Rais Ahmed Faroughe


It’s been ages; river  flowing in search of you

It still flows madly universally to look for you

Long-gone memories are now like precious pearls

Is it my heart or a bottomless stagnant river?

Neither a wave dancing nor any rhythmic whirl

Why river’s so tranquil from one end to other?

 How soothing and colorful those oars were

Passionately swirling waves engulfed the boat

When day’s stress befalls in evening’s arms

Flowing river goes downwards in deep thought

Mehmood Sham

The ants were busy keeping the grains of wheat which they gathered round during summer to help them stay alive in freezing months of winter.

A weedy and drawn out grasshopper came to one of the ants. He was very hungry. Seeing the active ants, he asked for a handful of food from the Ants’ Food Store to save his life.

The ant who was in charge of the Store asked, “What were you doing during the summer while we all were collecting and saving the foodstuff, for the rainy days?”

The grasshopper replied recklessly, “Oh! I was also not resting. I was busy singing and wandering in forest all summer long.”

With the sneer the ant locking his grain door said, “Well! Since you sang all summer, it looks as though you have to dance all winter.”


Moral of the story: It is wise to save today for the needs of tomorrow.



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