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I have come out from everyone’s custody,

I am on the flip side now, and nowhere to be found.


It was the third day of Titu’s disappearance. His mother Pomi had searched everywhere but failed to find him. It made her very sad and heartbroken. One day, she was weeping silently in a thicket of trees when she heard a familiar voice. Aunt Fox was asking Sardar Trumpet the head of elephants, about Titu’s mother, Pomi.

Sardar Trumpet advised her not to disturb Pomi, as she is below worried due to her lost son Titu.

When Pomi heard Titu’s name she could not resist so she moved forward to know what Aunt Fox knew about Titu.

Aunt Fox said that she knows where Titu is, that is why she is looking for Pomi.

Pomi was so fearful that she almost jolted Aunt Fox.

Pomi: “Aunt Fox, please tell me, where is my dear son. What do you know about him?” Where did you see him?  “How is he?”  “How can I get to him?”

Aunt Fox gasping deeply warned Pomi to move away as she crushed her ribs.

Aunt Fox told Pomi that her son Titu is hundreds of miles far away from the place where they were now. Moreover Titu is in custody of human beings.

Pomi was shocked. “He is a prisoner of humans?”  “How did Titu get into their custody?”

Aunt fox got annoyed of Pomi for asking so many questions all at the same time.

Aunt Fox said: “if you really want to know about him then have patience and let me explain.”

Aunt Fox related the whole story of how she met Titu and how Titu went in a train with the Rat Chuchu.  She warned Titu not to board the train. Even Chuchu asked Titu not to, but Titu did not pay any heed to it.

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