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The ants agreed with the Queen. After a short while they saw the clouds of dust in the air. Soon they got near and could be seen.

Hazrat Suleiman was seated on his grand throne.

The Queen Ant shouted: “beware! The convoy is here only. I command you all to get into your holes immediately. Though Hazrat Suleiman is not coming to harm us but how would he know that this valley is habitat of ants. Millions of you will be smashed under the weighty feet of animals and humans together.”

Hazrat Suleiman (peace is upon him) smiled to hear the Queen Ant and her concern about her kingdom.

Hazrat Suleiman appreciated saying: “A ruler must take care of life and property of his people like the Queen Ant”.

This is mentioned in Soorah Nimal.

During the reign of Hazrat Suleiman it did not rain for very long time. The crops withered and died. The rivers and lakes dried. No new crops could be grown or harvested due to scarcity of water. People starved because there was no food or water.

Condition of famine came up. The animals and all living thing got weaker. There was not a drop of water to satisfy the thirst and hunger. The danger of deaths on large scale was feared.

Hazrat Suleiman (peace is upon him) was heading towards a vast land with his people to pray for rains. They gathered to pray collectively and request almighty Allah for rain.

All of a sudden Hazrat Suleiman (peace is upon him) stopped at a point. Seeing him the rest of his people stopped too. A few steps ahead of them were an ant.

What they saw was amazing. An ant was praying with its fore legs raised towards the sky and begging Allah for rain.


Almighty Allah had given the power to understand the languages of all humans, animals, birds and insects to His honorable Prophet Hazrat Suleman (peace is upon him).
Hazrat Suleman (peace is upon him) was on the way to some place with his huge flock of humans, animals, birds and jinns. Hazrat Suleman was a very dignified and prudent king. So there was discipline and control in his convoy. No one in the convoy dared to go against the set rules.
Crossing over the mountains, rivers and deserts they were going alongside the vast valley of Nimal.
There were millions of holes in the and in the grounds where the nimals (ants) lived.
There lived the Queen of ants too. The Queen Ant was a very responsible and caring Queen. All the ants loved their Queen for her best administration.
The ants were so loyal to their Queen that they were ready to give their life for her in case of need.
The Queen was on her daily round in the valley with her workforce to check if there was any problem. She sensed a strange sound on the ground coming from far off. She stopped to pay attention to the sound carefully.
The Queen said: “It seems as if some huge convoy is coming towards our valley. The sound depicts that huge animals are coming too. It’s Hazrat Suleman’s convoy.”

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