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Cast a look at your dwelling, while walking by,

This habit will weaken also, little by little,

Sentiments running like the lines in your hands,

If they were footprints, they would be wiped away,

The pathway I walked along once,

Now feels strange to walk in the same street,

If the heartless city had given me an option,

I would have lit a candle,,

Pieces of clouds were extended as seasons,

Hanging in the sky, but getting closer,

Every moment of his absence, causes more aching,

he has taken away centuries, with him parting,

The street leading to his home, is deceiving,

And the path would have called me, if he had come there.


The Very Small Candle

    In ancient times people lighted their homes with lamps.  The trunks of plants were used as candles. There was one particular candle which had taken up large quantity of thick oil and was feeling proud.

One day it declared before a large gathering that it is better than the sun, the moon, and the stars. All of a sudden, a gust of wind blew off the candle. The servant who lighted it said: “Shine now, friend candle! Better think before you speak.  There is no wind strong enough to blow out the lights of heaven.”

O, my heart the rap on your door,
Seems like the pat of winds to me;

Alone I have valued your treasure
Life, I have loved you forever

Secret no more secret in thy party now
Shaky is thy tone, not drunk though

Retreat all, back to their home
Isolated heart resolute to roam

The heat makes me cry and churn,
Yet candle beam till crack of dawn

Smog bloats on my mornings
Hands blaze if crave for stars

composed by Shaistamufti

translated by Tanveer Rauf

O, my heart th…

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