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A lion is hung with a safety pin

A doll below the teddy bear

A doggie fixed in a broken case

When the person comes out of the office,

They often stop and try to remember

What did ask him to bring

Should I buy teddy bear if it does not cost too much?

Or should I buy the toy camera?

When my son happily asks me to take

His photo; how adorable he looks!

That red doll there looks completely new

If I get it for 20 rupees only,

How happy, my daughter Misbah will be

Brother! How much is this doll?

Sir! You pass through here everyday

I don’t feel like bargaining with you,

Give me 100 rupees and take it home

My silence told him everything

Okay now give eighty, the doll is yours

How cheaper can a toy be than this?

Upholding my self-esteem I hear myself say

Fine! I’ll come tomorrow or day after

As I need to purchase many more toys

Going towards the Empress Market I think

Eighty rupees are Veggies for home

Eighty rupees is my fare to reach home

Eighty rupees are needed for the journal

My elder son has been asking for these many days

Why worry about toys? They can be bought

When I get the payment next week

I’ll purchase new toys for my children

Aren’t we old toys set on the Media’s cart?

Lions hanging tucked with safety pins

Old toys placed on the new pushcart!

Shabeer Soomro

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