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Children’s United Anthem


They’re Chinese you are, Afghani
We’re Africans they are, Pakistani;
Say we’re all brothers!
O’ people! Listen to us
The world is our home;
Say we’re all brothers!
This entire home’s beloved
Threshold, doors, cupboard;
Say we’re all brothers!
Mountains, oceans, rivers all
Seas, lagoons, ponds, waterfall;
Say we’re all brothers!
Valleys, meadow, fields, and desert
They’re ours, and we go with them;
Say we’re all brothers!
We’re envoy of love and peace!
Wars and conflict are diseases;
Say we’re all brothers!
When will they take in our saying?
The ones who’re illogical unpitying;
Say we’re all brothers!
We’ll widen the scent of knowledge!
Create vigilance of helpful knowledge;
Say we’re all brothers!
All signs of hatred will die out
When we sing this song of accord;
Say we’re all brothers!

Patience has many synonyms like endurance, serenity, tolerance, acceptance, lenience, easiness, resilience etc

I know a lady who is resting in eternal peace in heavens above now. She had all the qualities in her persona. I feel proud to admit that she was my cousin. She was not my cousin only but very dear to my heart too.

She was Allah’s chosen one!

Let me share with you to make you believe my words.

Her name was Mumtaz. She was the only sister of her five brothers. Hence was dear and adored by every member of the family.

She always carried innocent smile on her lips no matter what situation she was in. Her smile was her distinctiveness.

She was whitish having attractive features with black long hair neatly tied in braid.  She was middle height. I am writing all these details to enable the reader to visualize her character. She was a shy maiden. She always covered her head with her dupatta being a truthful practicing Muslima both physically and spiritually.

She got married to one of my other cousin, Taufiq bhai. Both husband and wife had very sound relationship. She got same love and respect from her husband like her maternal family. She was blessed with 3 sons and one daughter.

The eldest son Saeed was diagnosed brain tumor when he was just a teen age.  Both husband wife got him the best they could from medication to brain surgery from time to time. Saeed had to go through many painful and critical phases of his life but the patience was commendable. None of them ever complained.  Taufiq bhai and Mumtaz aapa got their sons married at early age to give their son as much happiness as possible. I salute to the parents Qadir bhai and Muqaddasa bhabi ( MY COUSINS) of the girl too who knowing the tragic end of the boy gave their daughter Sadia’s hand. This is simply faith in Almighty and supporting the values of the family.

Mumtaz Apa developed cancer herself due to the grief seeing her son in agony. She endured cancer with same smile on her lips. Both husband and wife kept it secret of her ailment to themselves. Nobody knew that she was a cancer patient herself. She greeted the guests with same angelic smile, carried out all her duties without a single word of complaint.  Despite all efforts her handsome son passed away.

She got weaker with every passing day enduring the grief and loss of her son. Nobody knew she carried cancer in her chest.

All her brothers loved her but the eldest brother Talmeez bhai had special feeling of love and admiration for her. He felt very grieved to see her getting so ill so he also got ill. The strange thing about all this is that since the brother could not bear to see her  in unbearable agony anymore . He breathed his last at night when Mumtaz Apa passed away the same morning. The sky shed tears too on the sad demise of the souls in form of heavy rain that night in Karachi where brother died and in Islamabad where the great   lady passed away bearing the same angelic smile on her face.

Her husband Taufiq bhai visits her grave very often to pray for his beloved wife. I never experienced such height of patience in my life like my dear cousin’s. May she rest in the highest position of heaven and Allah be pleased with her. Amen

Taufiq bhai a frail soul carried the yoke of his family very responsibly.

Now  thanks to Almighty children have grown up. Raana the daughter of Saeed is married having a baby boy. Her brother Khurram is to be married soon in Islamabad.

Hats off to Waseem the younger brother of Saeed who sailed the boat of family dutifully and with unconditional love. he got married his niece Raana just like he would marry his own daughter.

May Allah shower His blessings always upon this family. amen




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