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As the Weather’s now changing

Such as spinning wheel’s moving

Autumn leaves all over scattering

As if on our heads sky’s juddering

Let’s all to the skies go sauntering

Blue sky is hence looks fascinating

Why the nights are that wakeful

Whose love keeping me wakeful?

Yellow blossoms are nowhere seen

Time’s habitually changes unseen

The heart rhythms in its chamber

As if someone’s silently saunter


With autumn morning glides wintry gale

In deep dullness, morning moves sad gale

Clouds floating heedlessly in the blue sky

And gloomy daylight with that aching gale

It flits about day long over the ambiance

Grimy dusty twirling   autumn wintry gale

 Sad gale engaged me in thy remembrance

 Saddened in deep sorrow the wintry gale

Deserting the lanes and the whole ambiance

The evening’s gloomy lonesome wintry gale

Wandered from dawn to dusk with the gale

Met no one but just the sad lonesome gale

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Don’t be so solemn now, follow me,

We’ll amend entire picture, follow me;

To turn to dust is vital, but not now,

The Blue sky shielding us, follow me;

Eyelids move down by each water wave,

Moon is like silvery sedan, follow me

O! My restless soul, I’m still living,

Entire body is a wound, follow me;

Listlessness has tarnished our limbs,

The garden is vanishing, follow me;

While you are fond of speaking truth,

OK fine, wear thy shroud, follow me;

Comrades have auctioned revolution,

Put away cuffs n chains, follow me;

Heart is foolish

Watching since dusk,

Blue sky’s blue moon

Watching since dusk

 On bosom of waves

 Mounting, declining,

Storm of affection is

Hitting the seashore;

Waves return like captives

Smash against prison’s drab

Deaf walls, finding no way;

Outside the gloomy walls

Captivating beautiful life invites

 Towards itself; heart is fascinated;

Heart is foolish,

Watching since dusk


Me ocean, and you moon!

Composed by Ahmed Shamim

Translated by Tanveer Rauf

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