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What do I have except attire of dust on me!

Nothing left except ashes of fiery urn in me!

The city of the thin minded ignorant people

Prostrate with no awareness; ignorant people

All dome and minaret and pulpit and arches

Nothing but under religious chiefs’ rein, are

All uncovered heads, believe out of ignorance

They’re in fallacy being sheltered below heavens

Their entire life’s success is blessings of Almighty

Is but living in ecstasy! No approval of Almighty

My belief to know myself and the world around

Is but sham, ignorance and mistake all abound

My concern and worry about the world around

Is nothing but to be notable eminent around!

Himayut Ali Shayar

badan pe pairahan-e-ḳhāk ke sivā kyā hai

mire alaav meñ ab raakh ke sivā kyā hai

ye shahr-e-sajda-guzārāñ dayār-e-kam-nazarāñ

yatīm-ḳhāna-e-idrāk ke sivā kyā hai

tamām gumbad-o-mīnār-o-mimbar-o-mehrāb

faqīh-e-shahr kī imlāk ke sivā kyā hai

khule saroñ kā muqaddar ba-e-faiz-e-jahl-e-ḳhirad

fareb-e-sāya-e-aflāk ke sivā kyā hai

tamām umr kā hāsil ba-fazl-e-rabb-e-karīm

mata-e-dīda-e-namnāk ke sivā kyā hai

ye merā da.avā-e-ḳhud-bīnī-o-jahāñ-bīnī

mirī jihālat-e-saffāk ke sivā kyā hai

jahān-e-fikr-o-amal meñ ye merā zom-e-vajūd

faqat numā.ish-e-poshāk ke sivā kyā hai




Allah gives food to one and all in hunger

He endorse our sins hidden under cover

He restores and mends the wrecked woes

Allah heals wounds and makes future glow

He pours rainwater on the unfruitful land

To grow flora and fauna to flourish the land

When our immodesty and faults offend Him

Forgets and forgives us when we plea Him

Allah loves, showers His blessings upon us

Does Allah ever admonish His favors of us?

When Allah’s blessings are rewarded to us

Ramzan brought delight and blessings for us



Whatever’s in skies and worlds belongs to Allah

All that’s in oceans, mountains, and high peaks

All that’s open, all that’s veiled and metaphors

All that’s in illusion and delusion or metaphors

Whatever is existent or fantasy belongs to Allah

All that’s in virtues and values, beliefs and stories

All that’s in silence and in the peacefulness of deserts

All that’s in the air, in the epochs; belongs to Allah

Whatever revealed whatever is hidden is, Allah

For us, Allah’s love is worship and blessings of Allah

Ramzan enriched blessings and rewards of Allah

Humble legacy to beloved and most respected Hazrat Muhammad

Sallallaho alaihewassalam

Today’s esteem and valor is due to Muhammad

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It’s my mother’s request and Allah’s blessing

How to pay tribute, how to inscribe Na’at?

My heart! His admiration is ahead of words

Why would one wish for heaven or fear hell

The sinner who has come to thy doorstep?

I’m empty handed, I have not anything

It’s mere His blessing, that I’m enduring;

Wish   my eyes to hug all day and night

I plea Allah that my request is granted;

Wish to be in supplication at his doorstep

 It’s my heart’s plea Shaukat, my core wish


The coming of a Prophet
it was a bright morning when at dawn
a beautiful baby boy was born

This long awaited and anticipated being
the likes of which no-one had ever seen

His entry into this world was met with wonder
as in prostration he looked unto the sky from under

A “star” in Medina was seen by a Jew
the coming of a prophet everybody knew!

It was in Makah that a light raised to the sky
this light was seen in Syria “a prophet has been born” was the cry!

His mother amazed at this gift of hers
filled with joy she shed many tears

An angel whispered to her that this was to be
“Muhammad the praised one” whose message would spread to eternity!

Who would suckle this precious baby? The question asked
many aspirant eyes upon him were cast

By the command of Allah Bibi Halima appeared
taking Muhammad to the countryside where he was to be reared

In a home which was empty suddenly blessings were abound
a celestial light encompassed the land all around!

Beautiful Muhammad grew up healthy and strong
fostered for four years until he had to move along

Bibi Amina was overjoyed, for Muhammad did she pray
two joyful years had passed, then Allah took her away

This child of six by his grandfather Abdul Muttalib was taken
where after two years, by his grandfather’s death was shaken

Aboo Talib his uncle, took him at the age of eight
he was very fond of his nephew, although he did not have faith

Four years later, to Syria did they go
a Christian priest Bahira, of this future prophet, he did know

Take care of this boy, Aboo Talib was told
this child is special, this secret, do not unfold!

Many years later, as a businessman, did Muhammad marry
Bibi Khadija a widow, who had many burdens to carry?

At the age of forty, she was relieved by this twenty five years old being
a person such as Muhammad, she had never before seen

It was Ramadan, when in the cave of Hira Muhammad prayed
angel Jibraeel appeared, and an appeal to Muhammad he made

Read in the name of thy lord! A powerful voice was heard
Muhammad was frightened, almighty’s anger, he feared

Comforted by Khadija, who told him not to lament
Muhammad accepted his prophet hood, and thus he felt content.

Waraqa bin Naufal, a learned man said, the angel was the same
that had appeared before prophet Moosa as well, in Allah’s name!

So was the beginning of a long tale to tell
the rest of which, all of humanity knows well.


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