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If you are beautiful, give proof of thy beauty
I’m unfortunate, brighten up my destiny!
Don’t give me joy that’s a reason for gloom
Give me joy that’s a reason for surplus gloom
And anything that holds all of your beauty
Or a word of admiration having some insight
Provide all charm of era’s gloom to thy sight
Or put together cruelty in an agreeable mold
I have no concern of Pharaoh’s bowl
I’m handful of dust, give me love’s bowl
O’ gentle gale! You touched her face, so beautiful!
When will I meet her; give me news, so delightful!
Ayaz chants true speech in this present time
Thus turn out the impolite of literary meeting
tum khush jamaal ho , to saboot-e-jamaal do
main teerah bakht hooN miri qismat ujaal do

aisii khushi na do jo ho baais-e-malaal
jo wajh-e-ser’khushi ho mujhe woh malaal do

jis meN tumhaare husn ke sab khadd-o-khaal hoN
aisa koi sukhan, koi aisa khayaal do

aaNkhoN ko soNp do gham-e-dauraaN ki sab kashish
ye jabr ikhtiyaar ke saaNche meN Dhaal do

jaam-e-jahaaN’numa se mujhe kuch gharaz nahiN
maiN musht-e-khaak hooN, mujhe jaam-e-sifaal do

us roo-e-khush’jamaal se, mas ho ke aaii ho
aye dil’ruba hawa’o naveed-e-visaal do

sachcha sukhan sunaata hai is daur meN Ayaz
us be adab ko, bazm-e-sukhan se nikaal do

Ayaz Siddiqu


If thou are beautiful,

Give proof of allurement

I’m ill-fated, restore my destiny!

Give me joy that destroys my gloom

Anything that manifests thy loveliness

Give me that word of praise or inspiration

Offer all charm of era’s gloom to thy eyes

Enclose this unkindness in agreeable sheath

I have no concern about Pharaoh’s bowl

I’m a handful of dust; give me your wine of love

O’ gentle breeze! Thou touched her beautiful face

Give me delightful news, when will I meet her?

Ayaz chants the true elocution in present time

Turn him out from this graceful poets’ gathering

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