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Seeing books and copies drenched in blood

Seeing how our future is going to waste

Nobody to play games in school now

Saddened eyes see blood-spattered sight

No words to describe the horrible incident,

Mothers are symbol of shelter; saw them scared

Insomniac fathers and disturbed mothers

They remember their lost child’s mischief

Brave are the ones, who silently endured,

Sighs and sorrows of bereaved mothers;

Even today we’re engaged in our thoughts

Consider one so desolate and broken down

If mind and rapport is broken into pieces

We’ll only be saddened and feel sorrow;

The incident is agonizing and vulnerable

What a pity, no words to bear or comfort

Speechless, with heads down with shame,

Look up to see the sky in belief and hope

What more to write, pen doesn’t support

The sky shedding bloody tears as well

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A king rules the bodies and minds of human beings but, a healer not only takes care of the disorder and injuries of the physical body but also heals the wounds of hearts, mind and soul. He rules the entire human being with his kindness care and sincerity

Chinese saying; if you cannot be the king, be a Healer

Beyond doubt, personify, Dr. Capt (retd) Hameedullah.

He has a composed serene nature. But he is intuitive and deeply concerned about his patients and their healthiness.

He is one of very few, rather difficult to find any physician like him. He doesn’t give antibiotics unnecessarily like every second    physician who gives antibiotics to the new born as well. Neither he asks for blood report, ultrasound or x-rays, nor does he give a long list of patent medicines. Whatever the ailment, he diagnoses aptly and gives medicines.

Daughter got chicken pox just a fortnight before she was to be married. As usual she ran to see doctor Hameedullah. What he said was, “why get jumpy? Face it. You will get well before your big dayJ”

She got acute tooth ache so again went to him. He asked. “ are you pregnant?”

She was preganant. So she nodded her head. He then said, “go home. I no medicine for you now.” She asked for a painkiller but he firmly refused saying, “ not good for your baby. Pain will go away.” We trust him and do what he advises.

Allah has given miraculous shifa (healing power) in his 4 tablets of pink, white, yellow and red color. Oops! I forgot to mention the black mixture which I always ask his compounder to drink it on my behalf J

He is God fearing and very sincere human being. Only the healing art enables one to make a name for him and at the same time give benefit to others.-Chinese Proverb

Once, my son while playing hurt his arm badly. I took him straight to Dr. Hameed. Without any x-ray report he said,” the boy’s ulna bone is broken into pieces.” We took him to hospital and the x-ray showed that Dr. Hameed was right.

He wanted to serve the ailing from his childhood, so opted to become a doctor.  He joined Pakistan Army in medical core as Captain in 1970.

He treated the wounded soldiers of 1971 war at Chumb sector Punjab.

He remained in army for eight years but got fed up, as his urge to serve the ailing was not met in healthy environment. Because armed forces people and their families are healthy mostly.

He got voluntary retirement from Army in 1978. For his immature retirement he had to put up with financial loss and many other benefits which he could avail during his military service.

He came to Karachi and started his practice. Since then he is serving the ailing .

He is our family doctor since 1979.  Where ever  we go, we come back to him when feel sick or have any medical problem. We, our children and now our grandchildren, all are treated by him.

May he live long to serve his countrymen -amen

Given one well-trained physician of the highest type he will do better work for a thousand people than ten specialists.
-William James Mayo Quote


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