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What they saw was amazing. An ant was praying with its fore legs raised towards the sky and begging Allah for rain.

The ant: “o my Lord! The most Merciful and Kind, the Eternal, the Immortal, we are your humble creatures. We look upon you for our smallest needs. All humans and animals are endangering life for there has been no rain for so long time. No food, no water for any one. Please have mercy on us, forgive us of our wrongdoings and bless us.

Send rain to make our soil fruitful again.

Nurture our fields lush green again. Amen.”

Hazrat Suleiman (peace is upon him) was so moved to hear the ant’s modest prayer that he asked his public to turn back.

Hazrat Suleiman (peace is upon him) said: “ Let’s go back. No need for our prayer now. The ant has done our job. It will definitely rain now.”

And it rained.

Black clouds covered the sky and heavy rain poured in nourishing the dry valley. The life came back to life again with birds chirping animals wagging tails and making happy sounds and humans paying gratitude to Almighty Allah for His kindness.


Moral: this teaches us the lesson that the head of state should take care of life and property of their public. Safety measures must be taken before any mishap or natural disasters like famine,   floods, earthquakes and eruption of volcanoes tsunami etc.

We should seek help and mercy from almighty Allah all the time. A heartfelt prayer never goes unheard.

 ants in rain


Almighty Allah had given the power to understand the languages of all humans, animals, birds and insects to His honorable Prophet Hazrat Suleman (peace is upon him).
Hazrat Suleman (peace is upon him) was on the way to some place with his huge flock of humans, animals, birds and jinns. Hazrat Suleman was a very dignified and prudent king. So there was discipline and control in his convoy. No one in the convoy dared to go against the set rules.
Crossing over the mountains, rivers and deserts they were going alongside the vast valley of Nimal.
There were millions of holes in the and in the grounds where the nimals (ants) lived.
There lived the Queen of ants too. The Queen Ant was a very responsible and caring Queen. All the ants loved their Queen for her best administration.
The ants were so loyal to their Queen that they were ready to give their life for her in case of need.
The Queen was on her daily round in the valley with her workforce to check if there was any problem. She sensed a strange sound on the ground coming from far off. She stopped to pay attention to the sound carefully.
The Queen said: “It seems as if some huge convoy is coming towards our valley. The sound depicts that huge animals are coming too. It’s Hazrat Suleman’s convoy.”

The ants were busy keeping the grains of wheat which they gathered round during summer to help them stay alive in freezing months of winter.

A weedy and drawn out grasshopper came to one of the ants. He was very hungry. Seeing the active ants, he asked for a handful of food from the Ants’ Food Store to save his life.

The ant who was in charge of the Store asked, “What were you doing during the summer while we all were collecting and saving the foodstuff, for the rainy days?”

The grasshopper replied recklessly, “Oh! I was also not resting. I was busy singing and wandering in forest all summer long.”

With the sneer the ant locking his grain door said, “Well! Since you sang all summer, it looks as though you have to dance all winter.”


Moral of the story: It is wise to save today for the needs of tomorrow.



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