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Hazrat Suleiman (A.S) was a prophet of Allah. Allah gave him the power to understand languages of all animals, jinns and persons.  His kingdom was the largest of all kingdoms until today. He ruled over all living things, land and sea.

He was a very judicious. He was also very kind and compassionate.

Everyone in his kingdom loved him.

It did not rain for a long time.  So there was no water to drink or food to eat. Animals and plants were dying of hunger. He got very concerned. Hence one day he decided to go with his group of animals and courtiers in search of water.

He crossed rivers, mountains and plains. There was a valley of Nimal where the ants lived.

The Queen Ant was a very diligent and responsible queen. Drought and famine had affected them as well.

She was there with all ants under the blue sky to pray for rain. The Queen Ant prayed to Allah: “O, Allah, You are so kind to us. You give us food to eat and water to drink. There is no rain so no food and no water.  I can’t bear to see my ants dying. Please Allah send rain to make our land fertile. Please forgive us. Amen.”

After she finished her prayers she heard the heavy thumping sound of elephants’ feet on the ground coming from far off. She at once realized that Hazrat Suleiman was coming with his people and animals. After a while they saw dust in the air.

She warned the ants: “Be careful!  Go quickly go into your holes at once.  Hazrat Suleiman is coming. He’s not coming to harm us but how will he know that we live here. You will be killed under heavy hooves and feet of elephants.”

Hazrat Suleiman heard the Queen.

Hazrat Suleiman (A.S) smiled to hear the Queen Ant’s words of concern.

He respected the Queen for taking care of life of her ants.

He said: “A ruler must take care of life and property like the Queen Ant.

Hazrat Suleiman said to his people: “Let’s go back. The ants have done our job. It will rain surely now.”


Almighty Allah had given the power to understand the languages of all humans, animals, birds and insects to His honorable Prophet Hazrat Suleman (peace is upon him).
Hazrat Suleman (peace is upon him) was on the way to some place with his huge flock of humans, animals, birds and jinns. Hazrat Suleman was a very dignified and prudent king. So there was discipline and control in his convoy. No one in the convoy dared to go against the set rules.
Crossing over the mountains, rivers and deserts they were going alongside the vast valley of Nimal.
There were millions of holes in the and in the grounds where the nimals (ants) lived.
There lived the Queen of ants too. The Queen Ant was a very responsible and caring Queen. All the ants loved their Queen for her best administration.
The ants were so loyal to their Queen that they were ready to give their life for her in case of need.
The Queen was on her daily round in the valley with her workforce to check if there was any problem. She sensed a strange sound on the ground coming from far off. She stopped to pay attention to the sound carefully.
The Queen said: “It seems as if some huge convoy is coming towards our valley. The sound depicts that huge animals are coming too. It’s Hazrat Suleman’s convoy.”


They people assured him that they would.

Hazrat Sualeh prayed to Allah and within no time a healthy she camel with a baby camel comes into sight. Seeing believes, so Junde bin Umro and some of his men acknowledged Hazrat Sualeh’s preaching. But many who worshiped idols were misguided by Duaab bin Umro and Khubab.

Of all the people one of the respected men of their society Shahaab bin Khalifa also betrayed Hazrat Sualeh (peace be upon him).

The she camel created from a stone is mentioned in the holy Quran as NAAQTULLAH (Allah’s she camel). The camel produced milk was more than enough for all the people.

Hazrat Sualeh warned people: “The camel is symbol of Allah’s creation and His power.  Take care of it. If you mistreat than be prepared for Allah’s curse and awful punishment.”

There was a   puddle in that area where all cattle drank water. Hazrat Sualeh arranged that one day all animals will drink water and the next day only the camel would. This was disliked by many people.

There were two very rich women called Enizah bint-e- Ghanam and Sadooq bint-e- Mahaya bin Meher. They bribed compelled two very ignoble men Qaidar and Masda bin Mehraj

They planned along with seven dishonorable men to kill the camel.

One day the camel was going to the pasture which it used to go for grazing.  The scoundrels were waiting for the camel to kill.  Qaidar attacked the camel first then others joined him. They finally killed the camel. The baby camel could not bear to see its mother die so it ran away bawling and looking up in the sky.

It disappeared in a mountain.


As we know that the lion is known across the world to be the king of the beasts for its dynamism and verve.

Many years ago, a wicked lion ruled over a jungle somewhere in Africa.  One day he didn’t feel like going out of his cave to look for his prey. So he asked a rabbit to spread the message in the jungle that the King is very sick. Hence he wishes all the animals of his kingdom to come to his cave to hear his last wish, before he dies.

The sly fox, did not wish to be first to enter the cave. So he waited near the way in, of lion`s den while the goat, sheep and the calf went inside to receive the last wishes of the king of the beasts.

After some time, the lion seemed to be in better health after eating the goat, sheep and the calf, come out to the mouth of the cave.

Seeing the fox at a safe distance away, he howled: “Why don’t you come in to pay your regards to me, buddy fox?”

The sly fox, who was very clever, replied; “Pardon me, your Majesty ! I did not wish to crowd your den, as I saw many other animals going into your cave, but none coming out. I thought you would not like so many animals at one time.  Thus I decided to wait outside in open air, till some of them come out so there could be some space for more animals to come in the cave. Until then I preferred to remain in the open air.”

The wicked lion had no option but to get in his den.

Moral of the Story: Do not believe all you hear.

A donkey and a cock were two good friends. They lived happily together in a farmyard. One day a hungry lion was passing through that farm.  He saw a stout and well fed donkey. The Lion, being starving, decided to make a meal of it.  He stood there, thinking, as to, how to make the donkey come out from the farm.

The cock was watching the lion.  The Lion did not see the cock, as he was engrossed in the donkey only. The cock realized that the lion is up to something.

The cock is a proud bird.   There is also, a saying that the cock’s crow irritates the lion a lot.   To upset the lion He started flapping his wings and crowing loudly gave one of its proudest cock-a-doodle-dos. This protest surprised the Lion who had not seen the bird in the farm.
Not knowing who was making this noise, the Lion turned and ran in alarm.
The Donkey who had been listening to the Cock crow, about saw this as a chance to prove his own worth. Thinking the Lion coward, who fears a bird, the donkey, began to chase the mighty Lion feeling proud of him.

Soon the Lion thought, “Why I’m running away? I shall turn and fight.”

The Lion turned his head, ready for a fierce fight, but saw it was only a Donkey who had been chasing him.   He was too delighted to see his own prey coming towards him.  The Lion jumped at the poor Donkey and killed him.  As he began to eat, he paused and sighed slowly, “Today I have been fooled.  My own prey chased me!



Think before you leap!



Next day with the new rising sun they   hid themselves on the roof   of monkeys’ big cage. The zookeepers would put them in cages too if they seen them.

With the nightfall they gathered again to discuss and finalize the plan of freeing other animals in the zoo. After a hot discussion it was decided that only those animals would be supported to flee who really want to   go back to the jungle.

Next day the falcons and monkeys kept an eagle’s eye on the zookeepers’ activities. They discovered the secret places where the   keys of the cages were kept. The monkeys also observed how to lock and unlock.

The darkness prevailed with the sun setting in the west.  The Falcons and monkeys tiptoed out of their hiding spots.

To begin with, they made sure that all the zookeepers were sleeping. Then inaudibly they started to unlock the cages. The animals were already briefed to slip away without a sound.

There were two main gates.  The animals that eagerly wanted to return to the jungle were divided in two groups.

Animals are animals after all. They have not been provided with the same wisdom as human beings by Al-mighty Allah, so when one group reached the   main gate the monkey who was leading the group just banged his head against the gate. He had forgotten to get the key of the main gate.

Luckily the guards were in deep slumber.

It was not difficult for the birds and monkeys to fly or   jump over the walls and escape but it was not easy for some animals to jump over the high walls of the zoo. They feared being caught by the watchmen but the guards being irresponsible  were half dazed too. Darkness and dim lights camouflaged them    with the trees’ shadows.

The last option they had was to breach the gates. The bulls and rams were chosen for this task. Violent blows broke the gates and the animals ran off.

The loud noise of the breaking gates    harassed those around the zoo. When people saw animals rushing out of the gates they ran yelling wildly. Cars dashed and collided hurting and killing any one who came in the way.

The animals did not take any notice of the chaos. They kept running out of the city, following the monkeys.

Hundreds of doves, parrots, skylarks, swans and many other birds flew above them in the same direction towards the jungle.

The beginning of the end J

More stories will be provided on request J

Saint n Satan

Both saint and Satan were born with the creation of this World.
The first ever killing took place when there was neither media nor any source of information, correspondence, learning or replication. Jealousy and selfishness urged Qabil to kill his real brother Habil just-because he wanted to marry the same girl.
So both qualities of love and hate are inborn in animals and human beings.
Almighty Allah however has given insight to human beings to differentiate between right and wrong.
So all wicked and virtuous deeds are in practice where ever the man breathes, regardless of color, cast, religion, language, soil, civilized or uncivilized. These are the elements of human nature.

Pakistan is generally notorious for all sorts of pollution, chaos, violence, you name it and we have it ———all brutal acts. Such activities and incidents be happening in every country but others don’t advertise the way it is done in Pakistan and about Pakistan by national and international media.

Why? Why is Pakistan only facing all guilt and shame? It is mostly because of our independent electronic and print media. But now what media is projecting? They are exhibiting everything unpleasant, immoral and shameful incidents.
What do talk shows serve? Four or five politicians quarrel on burning issues. Host talks more than guests.
No solution ever found to any problem in such shows. Breaking news and all talk shows only create irritation, confusion and tension. They do highlight problems and serious issues but no criminal ever shown punished.

Killings, rape, burning, looting, sniping, corruption of all types was in practice previously too but in veil. So only some immoral acts reached the ears of mass. Life seemed to be harmonious and peaceful. Childhood in my time was only to play, study eat and sleep. No tensions no insecurity. We moved freely without any fear and uncertainty.
Morning shows promote fashion; make up, expensive jewelry and designers’ costly outfits.
It only creates resentment and inferiority complex in the society where poor are selling their children to extinguish the fire of hunger. Youth is committing suicide due to unemployment and inflation. And rich are showing off. A lady was wearing a dress fully bejeweled with costly stones. That one dress would have cost one lac of Pakistani currency. Who would believe that Pakistan is developing country and that people are dying of poverty, diseases and hunger?
The best morning show was conducted by Kiran and George at Aaj T.V. they served and solved problems of so many in vain. I liked their sincerity, elegance, simplicity and mission to do something positive practically. Kiran and George wore simple neat Pakistani dresses.
Media can give projection to outstanding performance of Pakistanis at international level to boost morale of the public and lessen some tension at least, like we have the HOCI Mian Asad the World Youngest Web Designer

Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi is a professional tennis player from Pakistan. He is currently Pakistan’s top player. Naseem Hameed the fastest runner in south Asian games won the race having no means n sources to support or train her. She lived in a single room house but had potential so proved it amazingly.

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) scholar Kashif Mehmood made the whole nation proud by successfully completing two PhD degrees from France within a period of four years. He was offered a full-time tenure track position in a leading university in Canada that he turned down to return to Pakistan and serve his country. Selfless intellectuals like Dr. Kashif Mehmood are a true inspiration to our youth and a pride to our nation. There are so many such brilliant achievers but not given any importance as they deserve.
They are like stars illuminating the environment n eliminating the pollution under their jurisdiction.
Pakistan can grow and glow with supersonic speed if media plays its positive role and stop ratings of their Channels.
I wish my fellow citizens to stop grumbling; abusing and cursing the government, departments, and inflation. just rise and show to the world that despite of all these problems you can do wonders. You have the talent and potential. Polish it, groom yourself ,take out our latent ability and face the world with pride and performance like all our champions have done in past are doing now in every field noticed or unnoticed.

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