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Allah gives food to one and all in hunger

He endorse our sins hidden under cover

He restores and mends the wrecked woes

Allah heals wounds and makes future glow

He pours rainwater on the unfruitful land

To grow flora and fauna to flourish the land

When our immodesty and faults offend Him

Forgets and forgives us when we plea Him

Allah loves, showers His blessings upon us

Does Allah ever admonish His favors of us?

When Allah’s blessings are rewarded to us

Ramzan brought delight and blessings for us




Like his ancestors, Hussein belongs to us all

In this world Hussein belongs to one and all

The noble family chosen by Almighty Allah

Is loved and respected alike by one and all

                       Hussein used to rest in Muhammad’s arms *S.A.A.W*

Disciples of Hussein! Hussein belongs to all

If anyone denies Hussein, he’s nowhere at all

All belong to Hussein! Hussein belongs to all,

Wish to bow down head in Karbala Humdum

Hussein’s head hewn in plea! He belongs to all



To sacrifice verve is Humdum’s insight
No alternate, simply immense esteem;
Where to move now, once parting Him
He’s our verve; this is but the legitimacy;
Amazing well-wishers, all deem in love,
But this love is devout and unbounded;
People are happy in all state of affairs,
But to be committed to one is knotty;
Etiquette to love is yet to be taught,
Raise hands those desirous to follow;
Love is a crime, we do agree, however,
What so ever the peril, we rely on love,
Hatred is common like virulent disease,
The antidote is only loyalty and reliance



I confess I love you, any means to let you know?

I feel I’m imperfect, anyway for aptness knows?

Love, the only salvation for all torment, but alas!

My compassionate belief is, just to be devoted

Madness, now insanity, return to normalcy doable?

Barn on words, lips silent, yet I know few orators

Any way out to realize dreams for unaided soul?

Everyone lost in his utopia, assuming liberated

Heart’s fallacy to be gratis, any way, be truly free?

One is in ardently affectionate, yet loathing reigns

Wish affable love overrules, to show peace reigns

Union and parting soul of love observe me to know

My looks, my idiocy my state, isn’t enough to show?

Silence considered my weakness, people still rate me

What is happening in Ghaza is sheer shame?

Can humanity be more humiliated than this?

All shroud less corpses of patriot cruelly killed ask

O’ humanitarians you are eyewitness of violence

Any defense for this callous act of offensiveness

Alleyway of love and compassion is illuminated

Though it’s thorny to walk on this path however

Humdum, anything more lustrous than my heart



Now the artists scared of artiste

Character of lover is daunting,

The one who said he fears none,

He too fears the wooly person;

Those who like sweet, or like salty,

Combative preachers are daunting;

Uncertain when discard me from faith?

Terrified of your sermon, O’ celebrant;

When he says; My Dear Countrymen

! Commandant‘s loud bawls’ frightening,

Not worried of starving or parched,

Horrified of consistent intoxicated;

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